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    This tutorial is for advance users who already has some knowledge about IDA hacking. Use this tutorial to hack games when u cant use il2cpp dumper to dump unity games. In the tutorial I hacked pubg and showed how to hack recoil and spread. If you have any questions pls comment down or dm me. [hide] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NzsWKoCVzR8[/hide] Credits: me
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    Hacked App: standoff 2 Link For The App: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/standoff-2/id1359706682 Requirements: Jailbroken Device Filza File Manager Features: - Set Weapon (Изменить оружие) - Set Skin (Изменить скин) - Set Gloves (Изменить перчатки) - Set Medal (Изменить медаль) - No Drop (Не будут выбрасываться оружия) - Drop Knife (Бросать нож) - Head Aim (Аим на голову) - Body Aim (Аим но тело) - God Mode (Неуязвимость) - God Mode Time (Время Неуязвимости) - Move Before Timer (Ходить во время закупки) - Don’t Return To Spawn (Не телепортироваться к спавну, в конце раунда) - Arm Race Kill + 1 lvl (Убиваешь одного в гонке вооружений, Дают новое оружие) - Fly (Полёт) - Underground (Хождение под картой) - Radar Tweak (Радар Хак) - Anti Flash (Анти-флеш) - HE Immunity (Иммунитет в гранатам) - No Grenade (Гранаты не будут вас убивать) - No Grenade Sounds (Не будет звуков Гранат) - One Hit Kill (Убийство с одной пули) - Infinity Ammo (Бесконечные патроны) - Set Ammo (Кастомное количество патрон) - Set Magazine (Кастомное количество патрон в магазине) - Fast Knife (Быстрые удары ножа) - No Reload (Без перезарядки) - No Recoil (Без отдачи) - No Camera Recoil (Визуально не будет отдачи) - Fire Rate (Быстрые пули) - Friendly Fire (Огонь по своим) - Shoot Through Walls (Стрельба сквозь стены) - Float (Хождение по воздуху, проход сквозь некоторых стен) - Custom Ragdoll (Убийство с силой) - Ragdoll X - Ragdoll Y - Ragdoll Z - Money Tweak (Взлом денег) - Unlimited Buy Time Deathmatch (Бесконечное время покупки в кб) - Unlimited Buy Time Defuse (Бесконечное время закупки в зб, мм) - Buy Anywhere (Покупка везде) - Set Money (Кастомное количество денег) - Fast Respawn (Быстрое возрождение) - Always Respawn (Всегда возрождаться) - Spawn (мгновенно возрадится по нажатию кнопки) - Camera (Позиция камеры) - Jump Tweak (Полёт прыжками) - Custom Jump (Кастомная траектория прыжка) - Jump X - Jump Y - Jump Z - Kick Anywhere (Кикать везде) - Bomb Immunity (Иммунитет к бомбе) - Plant Anywhere (Плентить везде) - Bomb Explodes (Быстрый взрыв бомбы) - Fast Plant (Быстрый плент) - Defuse Anywhere (Дефуз везде) - Fast Defuse (Быстрый дефуз) - Medal Tweak (Взлом медали) - Play MM No 5 lvl (Играть мм без 5 лвла) - Hide ID (Скрыть айди) - Hide Avatar (Скрыть аватарку) - Activate Match (Активировать матч) - Set Experience (Кастомное колличество опыта, после боя) - Set Kills (Кастомное колличество убийств) - Set Assist (Кастомное колличество Ассистов) - Set Death (Кастомное колличество смертей) - Set Score (Кастомное колличество счета) - Set Ping (Кастомное колличество пинга) - Set MVP (Кастомное колличество mvp) - Set Statrack (Кастомное колличество статрек счётчика) - Chat Spam (Спам чата) - Team Chat Spam (Спам Тим чата) - Lobby Spam (Спам чата в лобби) - Friend Spam (Спам в лс друзьям) - Custom Spam (Кастомный Спам) - FPS Tweak (90 фпс всегда) - Line Width (Линии на чамсах) - Red Chams (Красные Чамсы) - Green Chams (Зелёные Чамсы) - Blue Chams (Синие Чамсы) - WireFrame Red Chams (Красные линии) - WireFrame Green Chams (Зелёные линии) - WireFrame Blue Chams (Синие линии) Installation Instructions: Comment Down Below To Reveal Download Link In Hidden Copy .deb File To FIlza And Install It Download: [hide] https://mega.nz/file/vwsFzKjY#BFx4ocw3esRLq8kQ8TP_WOd34c7DU5POSYIU9svZe9k [/hide] [Warning] (Anyone reposting this Tweak on other Forums / Sites will get permanent ban.) Hackright. 2021 iOSMods.com All Tweaks reserved. Image Or Video:
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    This is my Tweak.xm for criticalops. This is just for learning purposes. Don't compile this file into a hack, as you will 100% get banned. It is not injected with anti-cheat. If you want me to make a youtube video, let me know in the comments. [hide] #import <substrate.h> #import <mach-o/dyld.h> #import <string> #import <Foundation/Foundation.h> #import "writeData.h" #import <UIKit/UIKit.h> using namespace std; uint64_t getRealOffset(uint64_t offset){ return _dyld_get_image_vmaddr_slide(0)+offset; } void (*CharacterData_update)(void * update, float time, void * weaponDefData); void _CharacterData_update(void * update, float time, void * weaponDefData) { if(update && weaponDefData) { *(int *)((uint64_t)weaponDefData + 0x30) = 0; //buyprice 0x30 *(float *)((uint64_t)weaponDefData + 0x48) += 5.0f; //fireRate 0x48 (increase fireRate by 5.0) *(float *)((uint64_t)weaponDefData + 0x64) = 0.0f; //reloadTime 0x64 *(float *)((uint64_t)weaponDefData + 0xc4) = 0.0f; //recoilPerShot 0xc4 void * inaccuracy = *(void **)((uint64_t)weaponDefData + 0x80); //object to WeaponFactors class 0x80 if(inaccuracy) { //do something } } CharacterData_update(update, time, weaponDefData); } %hook UnityAppController - (void)applicationDidBecomeActive:(id)arg0 { MSHookFunction(((void*)getRealOffset(0x1001BE9E4)),(void *)_CharacterData_update, (void**)&CharacterData_update); %orig; }%end [/hide] Credits: @@maskman007
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    How to make a preference bundle

    THIS IS A TUTORIAL ON HOW TO MAKE A PREFERENCE BUNDLE. I MADE THIS BECAUSE THERE IS A LOT OF TUT OUT THERE THAT DON'T EXPLAIN EVERYTHING. Requirements: -theos -I am assuming you are using IOSMods patcher theos template, if not you can find it here: click me -A hack already coded, not obligated just it is going to be faster :) Instructions: [hide] Once you have a project created with theos, I am assuming you have and that you selected IOSMods patcher template if not go see the link above in requirements, you should be redy to start! Usually when coding a normal tweak we don't need to adapt the code for making it compatible for a preference bundle. During this tutorial I will be using Tiny Tower as an exemple. Now let's say you just coded a tweak for hacking coins and bux, it should look like this: Now that would be good for a tweak but not for a patcher. That's why we need to make the code compatible with a preference bundle. You would edit the code like this: Now it is unfortunately not finished you need to make the preference bundle. Go in the folder named with the name of your project and then in Resources, click yourhackname.plist and delete every thing except : and this Now that you have delteted everything except things mentioned above I would add this for Tiny Tower: [/hide] you are now ready to compile!! if you want to customize your preference bundle go see our tut section :) Also if you have any question pm me or ask in the coment section :D
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    PUBG Mobile 2.4.0 Global iOS

    https://imgur.com/uAAxbfN Hacked App: PUBG Mobile 2.4.0 (GL) Link For The App: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/pubg-mobile/id1330123889 Requirements: Jailbroken Device-جهاز مع جيلبريك Filza File Manager-فيلزا IMPORTANT-مهم: Right now, the hack is not working on iOS 15 devices, we will push an update out soon حتى الآن الهاك لا يعمل على اجهزه مع اصدار ١٥ وفوق،سوف نعمل على تحديث الهاك لكي يعمل على اجهزه اصدار ١٥ وفوق عن قريب Features-مميزات الهاك: ESP Player-رادار خصم ESP Items-رادار اسلاحه وما إلى ذالك Aimbot (Head, Chest, Neck)-تصويب تلقائي على الخصم No Recoil-عدم الاهتزاز No Camera Recoil-عدم الاهتزاز للشاشه No Spread-عدم تبعثر الرصاص No Scope Spread-عدم اهتزاز سكوب Fire Rate-سرعه الرصاص Auto Shoot-يقلب الأسلحة إلى اسلحة تلقائي مثل الشوتجن يصبح مثل ال ام٤ Installation Instructions-طريقه تثبيت الهاك: Comment Down Below To Reveal Link For Hac يجب عليك التعليق لرؤية الطريقه ورابط الهاك you must login your account before installing hack يجب عليك انت تدخل حسابك في ببجي قبل تثبيت الهاك Download-تنزيل الهاك: [hide] ADD SOURCE IN CYDIA https://maskman007.github.io/pubg/ [/hide] Credits-كريدت: Maskman-ماسك مان iOSMods-ايوسمود Nitro-نيترو Special thanks to x2nios for ESP and Aimbot شكر خاص للرادار والايمبوت ل X2nios [Warning-تنبيه] نحن ليس مسؤلين على حساباتكم اذا تبند العبو في حذر (Anyone reposting this hack on other Forums / Sites will get permanent ban.) كل واحد ينشر هذا الهاك في مواقع هاك او جروبات فسوف يتبند ولن يكون هناك أي طريق اخر لاسترجاع حسابه Hackright. 2023 iOSMods.com All hacks reserved. كل المميزات تابعه إلى موقع ايسمود Image Or Video-صوره او فيديو:
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    PUBG Mobile 2.4.0 Global iOS

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    PUBG Mobile 2.4.0 Global iOS

    Suck my tiny Penis
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    Disclaimer: I posted this method originally on an other forum but I want to share it here also :) I tried this at the newest version of the game and it worked perfectly. DIY Requirements: - Jailbroken iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch. - iGameGod App and of course Dead by Daylight DIY Features: - Maxed-out survivors - Maxed-out Killers It also unlocks all perks on maximum and gives you special prestige skins for the whole character! [hide]DIY Instructions: Note: Don’t use any sort of DBD Tweak when you do this method, it makes your game crash. Just deinstall it when you try this and reinstall it when you got everything you want. It also can take a while for the killer levels so make sure you have about 45 minutes free time per killer. 1. Enable DBD in iGameGod. 2. Open the game and choose the character you want to level. Note: The game will crash if you search up immediately after the round ends. Search up the value back in the lobby. 3. Play one game and search up the number of XP (CurrentXP/999) you get after the game (you can just die when you look for the killer and end the round early (try to escape when you at the hook, that will kill you). 3-Killer. Play a game and just wait till everyone is escaped, you can’t get afk kicked. Than do the same as in Step 3. 4. Play one more round and look again for the amount of XP you get. Now there should appear 2 numbers: one is i8 (can also be i4 if you have a killer which is above lvl 20) and one i2. 5. Edit the i8 (it can also be a i4 like mentioned above) number to 99999 (don’t over do it, that may crash your game or will give you the normal amount of XP). 6. Now play one more game and you will get your character lvl 50. 7. Back In the lobby upgrade your character to prestige 1 and just edit the i8 number again to 99999 and play until your character hits prestige 3 and lvl 50. You will need to play about 2-3 more rounds! 8. Now restart you game (otherwise it will crash) and do all of the steps before with an other character![/hide] Enjoy ! Credits: - NeoxXII (me :D) Thanks to every suggestion to improve this method! Tweak Video/Screenshots: Screenshot - survivors Screenshot - Killer [hide]Videos: [/hide]
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