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  1. Hello, please provide more details. Do you have any jailbreak detection apps installed such as Liberty?
  2. Hi, to jailbreak your device it depends what iOS version you're on. You can jailbreak up to iOS 12.4, using unc0ver jailbreak tool. Please do not use kiiimo, he steals hacks and claims as his. You won't get any official support if you use non iOSMods related hacks.
  3. Direct message Admin with purchase proof
  4. Uninstall them from cydia And you sure you downloaded the right ones? They should work fine.
  5. Giving away 2x2 month vip subscriptions and 1x1 year vip. To enter the giveaway, simply post below. Winners will be chosen using a random number generator. The order of replies from chronological order. Ex: The first reply to this topic will be given the number 1. Giveaway ends in 1 week. 3 winners GOOD LUCK
  6. https://www.iosmods.com/topic/3064-arm64-pubg-mobile-v0120-hack-3-non-jailbreakبدون-جلبريك/
  7. Hacked App: PUBGM Link For The Game: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/pubg-mobile/id1330123889?mt=8 Requirements: Jailbroken iDevice iFile or Filza File Manager App Mentioned Above Cydia Substrate Features: No Recoil No Camera Recoil No Spread/Better Aim Increased Enemy Size - Needs Updating Speed Hack --- REMOVED Increase Game Speed Fast Weapon Switch -- REMOVED Increased ADS FOV Increased Zoom No Grass Reduce Textures Fast Car Speed [hide] DOWNLOAD: https://www.iosmods.com/downloads/PUBGVIP0.14.deb [/hide] Installation Instructions: Download the .deb file and transfer it (iFunBox, WinSCP.) to your iDevice. Navigate to the path where you placed it usingiFile or Filza, tap on it and press installer. Open up PUBGM and sign in with your iOSMods account. [ Warning ] ( Anyone reposting this hack on other Forums / Sites will get permanent ban. ) Hackright. 2019 iOSMods.com All hacks reserved. Credits: @@maskman007 @@Admin @@Klashksa Info on Anti-Ban: [hide] While this hack contains an anti ban, there is no guarantee it works 100%. Tencent is constantly updrading their anti cheat system. It's not recommended to use on your main account. Use at your own risk! Also, you can try using apps such as Liberty which block jailbreak detection, and block the detection for PUBG Mobile. You can also try the tweak on Flex 3 by Keybode. One of our members, @ said it works for him. [/hide]
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