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  1. No offense but how do you get 250 view when this isn’t even that good lma o
  2. Made on android, lil revamp, I do clean styles mostly.
  3. Hello, Im LegacyDzns, here with a tut, made not for beginners, if your not a decent mobile graphic designer, learn some ps touch and come back. Step 1. Open ps touch and make a new project. Step 2. Use the circle selection tool to make a circle, and go to fill and fill it with your color of choice. Step 3. Unselect the circle in the layer and go to gaussian blur, and blur it to the max. Step 4.(optional) Change your circle layer to linear dodge for brighter glow. If your still here thank you for reading. If you need any mobile graphic designing questions, contact me on discord, LegacyDzns#0303. If you need a design, (twitter header, etc) contact me and prices vary from 2 to 5 dollars. Mind that I have a personal life too so I get busy. Have a great day! -LegacyDzns
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