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  1. I will Release The Offset Cuz I don’t have Motivation To make More Tweak For Game To 200 Reaction/ Like And if i don’t get after 1 Months it Will Are 100 Reaction and Too I wants 60 Follwers ( I have alr 22 Followers ) And I wants 150 Reply’s ( Spam Its Not Allowed ) Previews:
  2. If u use that code credit me [Hide] void (* Player_Update)(void *Player);void _Player_Update(void *Player) { int userAmount = [[switches getValueFromSwitch:@"kill"] intValue]; if([switches isSwitchOn:@"kill"]) { *(int *)((uint64_t)Player + 0x74) = userAmount; } return Player_Update(Player);} %ctor {MSHookFunction((void *)getRealOffset(0x1018D0BE4), (void *)_Player_Update, (void**)&Player_Update);} void setup() { [switches addTextfieldSwitch:@"kill" description:@"Here you can enter your own kill amount!" inputBorderColor:[UIColor colorWithRed:0.74 green:0.00 blue:0.00 alpha:1.0]]; } [/Hide]
  3. //if you use this code just credit me :) [Hide] void (*FirstPersonHandsTexture_SetGloves)(void *firstpersonhandstexture, int, int) = (void (*)(void *, int, int))getRealOffset(0x10147A8C4); void (*orig_FirstPersonHandsTexture_Update)(void *firstpersonhandstexture); void FirstPersonHandsTexture_Update(void *firstpersonhandstexture){ int sliderValue = [[switches getValueFromSwitch:@"Gloves"] intValue]; if([switches isSwitchOn:@"Gloves"]) { FirstPersonHandsTexture_SetGloves(firstpersonhandstexture, sliderValue, sliderValue); } orig_FirstPersonHandsTexture_Update(firstpersonhandstexture); } %ctor { MSHookFunction((void *)getRealOffset(0x10147B5B8), (void *)FirstPersonHandsTexture_Update, (void **)&orig_FirstPersonHandsTexture_Update); } Void Setup { [switches addSliderSwitch:@"Gloves" description:@"Set your custom move speed" minimumValue:0 maximumValue:33 sliderColor:UIColorFromHex(0xBD0000)]; } [/Hide]
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