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  1. For new hackers :3 [hide] %hook Coins -(int)have{ return 9999999; } %end %hook State - (int) getLevel { return 1000; } -(bool)dirty{ return FALSE; } -(bool)hungry{ return FALSE; } -(bool)tired{ return FALSE; } -(bool)sick{ return FALSE; } -(void)setFun:(double) argument{ argument=9999999; } %end [/hide]
  2. I will add is to the IOSMods patcher templates! :D
  3. What is X Cydia: X cydia is an app for non jailbroken devices that permits you to download free games/apps and pre hacked games! It is kind of the new VShare but you don't need a PC for installing it and it is way more faster! [hide] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4WvB62dvp84 [/hide] Credits: Billy Ellis: https://www.youtube.com/user/pr0Hacks2014
  4. I know and the instructions are supposed to be hidden but I guess BBCode didn't work :mellow:
  5. THIS IS A TUTORIAL ON HOW TO MAKE A PREFERENCE BUNDLE. I MADE THIS BECAUSE THERE IS A LOT OF TUT OUT THERE THAT DON'T EXPLAIN EVERYTHING. Requirements: -theos -I am assuming you are using IOSMods patcher theos template, if not you can find it here: click me -A hack already coded, not obligated just it is going to be faster :) Instructions: [hide] Once you have a project created with theos, I am assuming you have and that you selected IOSMods patcher template if not go see the link above in requirements, you should be redy to start! Usually when coding a normal tweak we don't need to adapt the code for making it compatible for a preference bundle. During this tutorial I will be using Tiny Tower as an exemple. Now let's say you just coded a tweak for hacking coins and bux, it should look like this: Now that would be good for a tweak but not for a patcher. That's why we need to make the code compatible with a preference bundle. You would edit the code like this: Now it is unfortunately not finished you need to make the preference bundle. Go in the folder named with the name of your project and then in Resources, click yourhackname.plist and delete every thing except : and this Now that you have delteted everything except things mentioned above I would add this for Tiny Tower: [/hide] you are now ready to compile!! if you want to customize your preference bundle go see our tut section :) Also if you have any question pm me or ask in the coment section :D
  6. Great tut probably gonna make a tut on how to setup theos properly :D
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