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  1. GDRIVE LINK: <HERE> took a while for me to upload but there it is, same version as of now, still no update for DBD SEA. if you need the appstore version, just change the region of your apple id to “Philippines“, search: Dead by Daylight and you’ll spot it with Netease logo. BUNDLE: com.netease.ma100na — thanks!! ^^
  2. Dead By Daylight [NETEASE/SEA] v4.4.1019 LINK: https://apps.apple.com/ph/app/dead-by-daylight-mobile/id1485356830 FEATURES: (any possible Tweaks) - No Skill Check - No Killer Attack/Miss Cooldown - Speed Tweak - Killer Location Cham - Survivor Location Cham - Generator Cham - Totems Cham - Chest Cham - Portal Cham - Hatch Cham - Trap Cham - Escape Switch Cham - Normal Pallet Cham - Dream Pallet Cham
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