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  1. Hello and welcome to my tutorial on how to mod/unlock your GameCenter and OpenFeint achievements for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad! We will be using a tweak from Cydia called Overachiever. First let's clear out some things: Your iDevice needs to be jailbrokenIt does not matter which generation your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad is, it just needs to be running iOS 4.2 or higherObviously you will need to have a GameCenter account to unlock achievements on GameCenter and a OpenFeint account to unlock achievements on OpenFeintThe tweak we will be using called Overachiever will unlock all your achievements at once and it will be impossible to revert it afterwards!So now that is done we can get into the actual tutorial on how to get it and secondly how to use it! . [hide] Step 1 - Downloading Overachiever Open up Cydia and let it load up fully. Once it's properly loaded up you can go ahead and move over to the search bar. You won't have to add any new sources as our tweak is on the BigBoss repo. Simply type in Overachiever and download it. Step 2 - Using Overachiever You might have noticed by now that Overachiever doesn't provide you with an icon on the homescreen, everything you need to do is just within the Settings app. So lets go and open up settings. Navigate to Overachiever and you will see a list with all your applications. In the list are also apps which don't come GameCenter or OpenFeint achievements like Asphalt 7 on my screenshot. You can just ignore these since they won't do anything anyways. For the purposes of showing how this tweak works I will be using a game called Angry Birds Rio HD, but obviously you can use any game/app you want. It is kinda straight forward. I had completed this game before I used GameCenter and now that I do use GameCenter the achievements that come with the game are not put on my account. As you can see from that screenshot I have none of the 65 achievements unlocked. Let's go back to the settings and slide the OFF switch to ON for Angry Birds Rio HD. Straight after that kill the process for your app in multitasking by pressing the homebutton twice and tapping the little stop sign on your app. Once you have done that you can just open your app again and all the achievements will start poping up on your screen! [/hide] Credits: All credit goes to Ingmar Stein for creating this wonderful tweak!
  2. This is just a quick way to help people to get iOS 9 without doing all that glitching crap! [hide] Step 1: Apple recently released a public beta, go to https://beta.apple.com/sp/betaprogram/ and signup!Step 2: Once you've done that you can go ahead and start to install!Installation Steps Step 4: From your device go to beta.apple.com/profileStep 5: it should install on your phone right away, and you should either get a message to update or check in your update sectionStep 6: Done![/hide]If you guys have questions, comments or hate comment it below! Also if i messed the steps up let me know i ran through it on my phone The beta thing, just sign in and your instantly enrolled! Hope this helps!​
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