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  1. boss i buyed a premium hack and from 15 hours noone is helping me whenever i just put id and pass of on ur mod menu it getting crashed again again got tired and no answer from anyone could u plzz help asap

    1. antoniomaceo
    2. abdullah arif

      abdullah arif

      bro its not working i tried but not working :(

    3. antoniomaceo


      Reset your password or your username try to not use caps

  2. Please menu is crashing need help changing my password please

  3. I need cod address  offset modmenu

  4. Account Deduction Wait for Account Activation (K01)


  5. I subscribed for a month and did not receive a message in my mail

    1. moaml111


      عندي مشكلة انا اشتركت بريميوم امس ادخل اليوزر والرمز ماطيلع المنيو ولا يسوي كراش ارجو الرد فدوة

    2. Khalid5007m


      نفس مشكلتك حصلت حل لها؟ 

  6. Failed to endure and could not and much of the rush ... I want to recover the subscription amount

  7. What happened to the hack

  8. Mu uzer not active in pubg why. 


    Crash crash crash

    iam pay today vip hack

    1. Badddder123
    2. Mohameedviroom1


      And me crash crash  pay 2 day plz help me 

  9. My account crash do something please 

  10. يعطيني كراش لاطقيت ثاني كلمه 

    1. ahmed_kurde1


      Good morning, my brother Max Hack uncle Ikrshni of the game I used Abs Manger worked survey data game and uncle Ikrshni I hope reply and solution

  11. The hack does not work where there is a crush of the game

  12. can you plz send me your email or contact number. I have subscribed to your services for many people. I have some business to discuss with you. so kindly contact me or provide me your contact info.

    thank you


    email: fadh1l@ymail.com

    or WhatsApp : 00971529604919

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