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  1. this tut work on caoyin critical ops wallhack?
  2. Flexit-ahow flex toolbar without activator or prefeneces. put name*.dylib and name*plist to sbinject and respring.Show the FLEX debugging toolbar by holding on the status bar. This is compiled for 64-bit devices only, and should work on iOS 8 - 11.1.2. Tested.To show on the lockscreen, the device must be unlocked. [hide] https://github.com/ipadkid358/FLEXit/releases/download/0.0.1/com.ipadkid.flexit_0.0.1_iphoneos-arm.deb [/hide]
  3. Hi everyone I'll show how to hack in-app purchases on iOS 11-11.1.2 (I’m tested in vpn master -idle miner and ...) U will need electra JB. So extract deb file and put inapp.plist and inapp.dylib to Sbinject respring your phone. Now this work,sorry I can’t speak English fine. [HIDE] Download link:https://mega.nz/#!FttyhIhB!Jd-OiGaqiFIICT0McshF6WXt2r5B0KKtvcUisa2jVag [/HIDE]
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