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  1. I will of course post pics as soon as they arrive. Hmmm, I think I know who will be manning the Whirlwinds now. Wild Bill just didnt look right somehow. So is anyone going for the Q-Force set, then? What about the Staff Car?
  2. What was added in this update? Cause... it gets boring fast with how little content they are adding
  3. I am new here still learning would like to make friends open to PMs and messages. Thank you
  4. Can see the title screen okay but then just a screen with a blue honeycomb pattern on my macintosh mate? A
  5. cai cai nay vao vao cydia b? ch?n s?ch search cac tweak khac trong do. No kem theo 1 d?ng cai gi gi. del di la h?t b?.
  6. lol... there are a lot of videos of them being used on youtube. you can also build one out of a lawnmower motor and an alternator
  7. Crazy... thanks for the link I just assumed they werent waterproof .. nice to know they are Cheers
  8. TOP Thank for this, it helps a lot .. was looking for the right solution since a long
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