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  1. Requirements: • Jailbroken iPhone/iPad/iPod • iFile, Filza File Manager, MyFile, Or Any File Managers From Cydia • Rasticrac (I Will Show You How To Install It) • Mobile Terminal, iOS Terminal, "MTerminal From BiggBoss Repo"(All Of Them Are Same) * Darwin CC Tools * iOS Toolchain (From Cydia) What is Rasticrac? This is one of the most powerful cracking utility available as per i have known, its easy to use and its packed with goodies, compression is much better than Clutch. Rasticrac is an updated version of the popular cracking tool PCM (PoedCrackMod). This now runs on all Devices including iPhone 5, iPad Mini ….. This is a very powerful cracking tool and I suggest using it! And It is Mostly Supported on armv64 Devices (64 Bit). How To Get Rasticrac: (If You Dont Know How to Add Sources/Repos, Follow This: Go To Cydia>Sources>Edit>Add & Type The URL Of The Source.) You Can Get Rasticrac On These Repos: [hide]http://repo.xarold.com[Recommended] http://cydia.iphonecake.com http://repo.biteyourapple.net http://cydia.xsellize.com [/hide] After You Added One Of These Sources, Go To Search On Cydia>Type "Rasticrac">Press On Rasticrac>Pess Install Button (Top Right Corner). How To Crack .ipa With Rasticrac: Open iFile and go to the path /usr/bin ... scroll down until you see the file r30c5.sh or rc.sh Then, Press On The Arrow (>) To Rename The File. Now, You Will Get This Window: After That, Rename The File To Anything You Want. I Recommend To Rename it To: rasticrac Because in The Terminal It Will Be Command To Bring Up Rasticrac To The Screen Of Terminal. And Press Done. Now Go To Terminal & Type This Command (Sign In To Root By Typing: ) su rootAnd The Type This Password: alpineAnd Then, You Need To Bring Rasticrac On The Screen By Typing This Command: rasticrac -mNow You Will Get The List Of Available Cracking Games/Apps: Now, You Will Choose A Choice To Crack The Game/App With The Letter Written NEXT To The Game/App. Now, It Will Start Cracking Until You Will See This On Your Screen. (It Will Say OK:1 ) It means The Game Was Successfully Cracked. Now Go To iFile And Go To The Path /var/root/documents/cracked . Now You Will See The Game That You Cracked With Rasticrac. The File is .ipa File . Now Press The Arrow (>) Of The .ipa File For Renaming It. And Then, Go To The last Letter Of The .ipa To Change The Last Letter Of Name . The Last Letter is .ipa . Change the .ipa To .zip & Press Done Button Now You Changed The .ipa File To .zip File. Press On The .zip File And Press Unarchiver On The Choices Bellow & Wait until it will finish. If the "Done" Button At The Right Corner is Not Pressable, it Means The Installation Is Still In Progress. If it is Pressable, it Means The Installation Finished & Press "Done" Now Go To The Path /var/mobile/Documents/Cracked/Payload & Now You Will See The Cracked App Binary Like This: APPNAME.app Now Open The App Binary And Search For A Binary Similar To The App Name: Now, Copy The Binary & Paste it On /var/root or /var/mobile (It will be easier for us). I will put it on /var/mobile Now Open Terminal & Sign in To Root By This Command: su rootPassword: alpine Now Go to /var/mobile By This Command: cd /var/mobileThen Type This To Thin The Binary: lipo BINARYNAME -thin armv7 -o NEWBINARYNAME Now, Go to /var/mobile & You Will See The New Binary That You Typed On Terminal: - Copy the new binary , Navigate to: iOS 8 & 9: /var/mobile/Containers/Bundle/Application/appname/appname.app Set Permission of The Binary To: Owner: Mobile Group: Mobile User: Read, Write, Excute Group: Read, Write, Excute World: Read, Write, Excute If you are on iOS 6 & 7, You Need To Use Clutch By This Tutorial. Credits: • @@Yasir Gh0st
  2. I was making the topic :( Anyway, Good Job
  3. Nice Job :) . Definitely This Will Benefit Me :d
  4. Thank you :) & i will make a TUT of "How to install theos" :d
  5. Requirements: • Jailbroken iDevice • iFile, Filza File Manager, MyFile Or Any File Manager From Cydia • Safari Downloader + • Theos What is SDK? The iOS SDK (Software Development Kit) (formerly iPhone SDK) is a software development kit developed by Apple Inc. and released in February 2008 to develop native applications for iOS. Download Link For iOS SDK: [hide]http://iosddl.net/91faffe6064f0a77/iPhoneOS8.1.SDK.zip[/hide] Instructions To Install iOS SDK On Your iDevice: Step 1- Go To Safari Step 2- Unlock/Reveal The Hidden Content By Pressing "Thanks" Or "Replying To The Topic" & Also Press "Like This" For Me <3 Step 3- Press The Link And Download The Link Using Safari Downloader + (When You Press The Download Button After You Press The Link, A Pop-Up Of Safari Downloader + Will Appear To Your Screen, While There Press The Download Button On The Choices) Step 4- Wait Until The Download Finishes. Step 5- After The Download Finishes, On iFile Go To /var/mobile/documents . You Can See The iOSSDK.zip File. Step 6- Copy The .zip File And Go To /var/theos/ And Create A Folder There Named sdks . Step 7- Paste the .zip File There. Step 8- Press the .zip file on /var/theos/sdks And Press Unarchiver . Step 9- Wait Until It Finishes (You can see The "DONE" Button On The Right Corner. If the button is not pressable, it means that the installing is not finished yet but if the "DONE" Button is Pressable It Means That The Download Finished. Step 10- Finished! :) . I Hope You Are Going To Make Amazing Hacks/Tweaks For Our Forum And Don't Forget To Press Thanks And Like Button Enjoy :P
  6. I thought that he leeched it bcz i knew in the photos.
  7. Nice :) Edit: This topic is leeched on NexGenIOS Forum :mellow:
  8. Here Is The Way How to Download And Install Photoshop CS3 on Your PC. Instructions: [hide]Step 1: On Your PC, Go to This Site: http://sadikerdogan.xyz/ Step 2: Press Grade 7 On The Center Of The Site. Step 3: Press "Photoshop CS3 PROGRAM (Silent Installer)" Step 4: Press Save File If you Are Using FireFox. Wait until download finishes Step 5 : OPEN THE FILE AND FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS. (It will be installed automatically) . [/hide] FINISHED!!! I hope You Will Press Thanks Or Like.
  9. What is Cydia Impactor? Cydia Impactor is a GUI tool for working with mobile devices. It has features already, but is still very much a work-in-progress. It is developed by saurik. Cydia Impactor is a device management utility that currently has two features: one in the desktop version and one in the mobile version. It also exists, separately, as an iOS application available via Cydia Installer. This iOS tool's key feature is to remove and revert all changes made to the device and return it to "stock" Apple iOS software without updating to a new version of iOS. Right now, its key feature is an end-to-end exploit of the Android "Master Key" vulnerability, allowing a user to obtain root access on many Android devices (including Glass and TV). HOW TO SEE THE CONTENT? The Guests That Didn't Registered To IOSMODS, They Must Register To Get The Hidden Content, After Registering To Our Forum, They Need: To see the content first hit the "Like This" button at the bottom right and the "Thanks" button (scroll down the page it's on the botton right) then reply/comment How To Get Cydia Impactor? [hide]Cydia Impactor Is Already Available When You Search "Cydia Impactor" Because it is Realesed by Jay Freeman Saurik :) [/hide] How Does It Work? (This section is all technical information only for those curious: feel free to skip.) Impactor uses the firmware archives provided by Apple for its "over the air" update feature. These files are ~2GB large, so Impactor goes to extreme lengths to minimize the amount of data it needs to download: most recoveries will require less than 10MB of transfer. First, the update's "bill of materials" is compared against the files on your device, generating a list of changes. Then, all files on your device that have been modified or otherwise destroyed are downloaded directly from Apple. In a series of carefully calculated file migrations, all new files are moved to the user partition, and all system data is moved back to the system partition. Up until this point, the idea is that no changes to your system have been made that are "unsafe": at any point, if Impactor fails/crashes or your device reboots, you can just run it again later. Finally, all of the staged changes to the filesystem are "committed", all user data is deleted, and iOS is told to run its "reset all content and settings". The idea is that this "critical window" lasts only the final few seconds of a process that lasts for multiple minutes. (That said, I still highly recommend not at all "messing with" the app while it is running, and maybe if you have a lot of data this will take longer than I expect.) When the device reboots, it will look as it did when you first turned it on; it will also no longer be "jailbroken": if you want to jailbreak it, you will need to do so using a desktop jailbreaking tool. Why Would I Use This? There are two main reasons someone might want to do this: 1) you want to sell your device to someone else, but you don't want to upgrade it (as the ability to jailbreak the device is more valuable), but you also want to delete all of your data; 2) you are noticing problems with your setup, and you've already tried ordinary troubleshooting steps, and you want to just start over again with a reasonably fresh install. Screen Shots
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