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Found 4 results

  1. Post your knife account stat SS with the knife name you want to sell.
  2. If you have kik installed on your device and wish to be added to our kik group, simply PM me or @@Lulunba1 your kik username and we will add you to the group. :)
  3. Hi To Everyone in This Forum! I am So Happy That I Joined To This Forum. I Love Everyone In This Forum MOSTLY @@Popsicle, @@Lulunba1, @, @. But i am living a few problems with @@Popsicle, He is not understanding me & also not believing me because 1 time, i made a joke with him & he understood that i am serious but not. I am sure that he will reply to this topic by a bad way. I dont say that i didn't make mistake. But Today, i posted a TOPIC OF RASTICRAC AND THIN BINARY. I didn't leech it from other forums, i only got the pictures from AppAddict Forum to post here. I worked here & i am so tired by typing words for the forum. I don't want to be a bad person for the forum. Everyday i am working for the forum but these days, i am tired because of Popsicle. He is behaving me so bad & i am being so sad because of those things that he do. I dont want to tell Bad things and make him sad also. i love @@Lulunba1 So much because only he is understanding me and advice me by a good way. I hope he also loves me. Thanks for the forum & the users who understands me. I love all of the persons on this forum, Today i said i posted a topic about RASTICRAC. 1 week i am writing these texts for the forum. I didnt leech. I swear, i am using iPad for posting topics. It is too hard for me because if i want to make a large text, i will use this [size=5 ] TEXT HERE [/size]And color like this. For example RED color: [color=#FF0000 ] TEXT HERE [/color]I hope everyone understood me. Special Thanks to @. He also understood me well, I wish "Inshallah this forum will grow up when i visit it" i love you <3 Thanks. Best Regards: @@Yasir Gh0st
  4. For those of you who don't know, GSMagic Team is another jailbreaking group and have claimed to have jailbroken iOS 9.3.3 as shown in this video: https://youtu.be/xUu9hyoyrgo However, two well known critics in the jailbreak community Luca Todesco, @qwertyoruiopz and Stefan Esser, @i0n1c have claimed their jailbreak to be fake. You can see their tweets and replies to each other on Twitter. According to his blog post from the Greek Jailbreakers, http://argonaytis-iphone.blogspot.gr/2016/06/gsmagic-team-1616-2000-mission-ios.html (Scroll down to find the English translated version) they have set Friday June 10th, 2016 as the deadline for the release of their tool. I want to know what your guys opinions about this, do you think GSMagic Team is fake? Do you think they will prove Luca Todesco and Stefan Esser wrong by releasing the tool? The only thing we can do for now is just wait and time will tell.
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