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  2. If you issues with aiming/esp doesn’t fixed in the last update, do this some simple tricks. 1. Delete all your Tweakss for so2 in your Cydia/Sileo, reboot SpringBoard. 2. Download “Apps Manager” through your Cydia/Sileo. 3. Use Apps Manager to wipe data in So2. If you doesn’t have A-Bypass, don’t enter the game yet. 4. Download last updated deb file from and install it through filza/sileo/Cydia/smt. Finally, you can use Tweak without any issues.
  3. Reply to this topic to watch the tutorial [hide] [/hide]
  4. What is theos? A cross-platform suite of tools for building and deploying software for iOS and other platforms. (wiki) What can I do with it? You ever thought about how developers create cydia tweaks/apps? They do so using theos. If you want to get into developing for iOS and learn more on how apps/tweaks work, you can start off by using theos on your jailbroken iDevice. It is also possible to install it on Mac and Windows and Linux based OS, but this tutorial only covers iOS. Guide: [hide] https://www.iosmods.com/downloads/theos.pdf [/hide]
  5. I will show you how to install Theos. Usage: Make your own hacks/tweaks with this tool [hide] Add the cydia source: http://jakeashacks.com/cydia/ Get the „Theos Installer“ Package from the repo Now download the NewTerm2 application from the xarold repo: https:/hrepo.xarold.com/ Launch the NewTerm Application and type User: su Password: alpine Run „theosinstaller 9.3 as command in Root# Root# theosinstaller 9.3 Now the installing begins now you can run theos in /var/theos/bin/nic.pl You can access this folder by downloading a file manager(I recommend Filza). [/hide] -Sab Enjoy
  6. this is a tool to search game values and Change them to what you want(some games encrypt their Data so it wont work on a few). This is a good replacement for the paid iGameGuardian(iGG), if you just want to get some currency. It wont work at the first time you just open it up I´ll now Show u what to do:[hide] Get GameGem from the BigBossRepo then go to Utilities -> GameGem and install from the repo. For the fix you Need the Newterm application from the Xarold Repo (NewTerm 2 (iOS 7 - 11 v 2.0). Go into the NewTerm Application and type: mobile$ su Password: alpine root# killall GameGemNative && GameGemNative it will say that GameGemNative is now running. Open the GameGem application (dont close Terminal). go to scan. After it successfully connected u can choose a game(u must open the Game first to scan it) and start scanning. While ist loading u Need to go back to NewTerm. then u go into the game and Change the value u searched for and then scan again and go back to newterm. then you will find Data to view tap it then modify it to whatever yout want. Go back to Newterm and then go into the game the values u scanned for and changed will be changed within seconds. repeat the process above every Game you scan. Ist worth the time, bc ist better than spending 3$ on a trash Software.[/hide] Have fun -Seb
  7. You will need a Jail-broken phone and a DLG cheat engine ( you can search cydia and install the cheat engine ) Disclaimer this will not work on some games like sever sided games (clash royal/of clans) or games with a lot of different offsets (PvZ heroes) Once you get the DLG cheat engine you can add it on any app from your settings. You will usually just change things with visible number values (currency, ammo, moves, and score) and you will always have the top bar set on "=" and most games you will search in UInt and if you can't find what you're looking for use UByte and if that doesn't work you can try all of the options you have, but that might not work and if it doesn't DLG wont work with that game. Tips: don't search a low number or game might crash, if your game crashes the DLG found to many results if your game crashes use a different number and pause the game when you search a number. Example Crossy Road I'll walk you through what i was doing/thinking.  1. Coins I got on UInt and looked up the coins I have. EX: 100 2. I play a match and collect coins now I have EX:103 look that up.  3. I repeat this till I get a low number of results and they all are equal to my coins EX: I have 103 coins I get some now I have 104 when I tap refresh they all change to 104.  4. Tap the "M" button so you can edit the number and changer to what you want EX: 9999999 You can do this for any number value in a game You can also do this same to find code for dlg in pubg mobile
  8. Recently, it appears Apple seems to have patched the current version of Cydia Impactor not allowing users to side-load apps anymore. Security researcher Umang Raghuvanshi has released a patch which bypasses this error, allowing users to side-load their favorite apps again. You can download the patched versions here: Windows: https://www.iosmods.com/downloads/impactor0944_PATCHED.zip Linux: https://www.iosmods.com/downloads/impactor0944_PATHCED_LINUX.zip Credits: @umanghere
  9. Do you have iOS device that is MDM locked?Trying to unblock corporate iphone from ex-employee? MDM is mobile device management software that allows companies to limit access to their sites and servers. It is a great solution that is perfect when you are a part of the company. But it becomes a problem when you purchase a used device or keep your old corporate iDevice that still has MDM profile installed on it. However, now you can safely remove that profile and start using the phone, tablet or iPod as usual. iActivate software is able to bypass Mobile Device Management configuration profile on any iOS device: iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch (WIFI or GSM). How to chek iPhone or iPad for an MDM Lock When you try to activate your Apple device (iPhone or iPad) and see notification: "This device is managed by organisation" or "Enter credentials to authenticate device"It means that you have Remote management (MDM) lock which should be bypassed. Let's get straight to the point. To get rid of mdm lock you only need to perform a few consecutive steps:Download iActivate tool: https://iactivate.host/ and run it. Connect your iDevice through USB cable to PC or Mac (do not forget to turn on your iPhone/iPad, before running the program) After iActivate recognizes your apple device press "Start button" Wait till MDM profile is bypassed.Now you can continue to configure the phone as you have already bypassed mdm !!! I hope my time is not spent in vain, and this guide will help. P.S. Maybe you'll think it's another scam! NO ! You can read reviews about this tool at https://www.trustpilot.com/review/iactivate.host If you have any questions, i will do my best to help you! PM me
  10. This tutorial is for advance users who already has some knowledge about IDA hacking. Use this tutorial to hack games when u cant use il2cpp dumper to dump unity games. In the tutorial I hacked pubg and showed how to hack recoil and spread. If you have any questions pls comment down or dm me. [hide] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NzsWKoCVzR8[/hide] Credits: me
  11. This blocks it system wide Open filza or ssh find this file /System/Library/Fonts/Core/KohinoorTelugu.ttc RENAME it KohinoorTelugu.ttc.restoreme( DO NOT delete it) after you have done that go out and respring your device and it will make the indian crash shmbol turn into ? marks instead :) That’s it
  12. HOW TO SIGN AND INSTALL JAILBREAK TWEAKS ON IOS 11-11.1.2 1. SIGN BINARY FILES (OPTIONAL) Step 1 Firstly, you must install Cydia Substrate on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. This is a prerequisite for all Substrate-based tweaks or packages. Step 2 Download and install Cygwin terminal on your computer. Step 3 Install iOS Toolchain for Windows from this link. Transfer the following folders inside this archive to Cygwin’s directory. If Windows asks you to copy duplicate files, click on “Yes”. bin include lib libexec share Step 4 Download the Debian package of Barrel here. Open its .deb file using 7Zip and extract the contents of data.tar archive to any location on your computer. Step 5 You will now get 3 folders as shown below. Step 6 Electra can only work if you manually sign your binaries, which have .dylib extension or no extension at all. You don’t need to sign the .plist files. Step 7 You must go into each folder and then sign the binary files present therein. Here’s the list of binary files that you need to sign for Barrel – BarrelSettings (Applications/BarrelSettings.app folder) threedeeboard.dylib (Library/MobileSubstrate) threedeeprefs (PreferenceBundles/threedeeprefs.bundle folder) Step 8 Open Cygwin64 Terminal from your desktop. Step 9 Now go to the location where you extracted all the aforementioned folders. Open all the folders where the binary files are present. Step 10 Run the following command in each of the folders. Ensure you press the enter/return key after each command.
  13. Flexit-ahow flex toolbar without activator or prefeneces. put name*.dylib and name*plist to sbinject and respring.Show the FLEX debugging toolbar by holding on the status bar. This is compiled for 64-bit devices only, and should work on iOS 8 - 11.1.2. Tested.To show on the lockscreen, the device must be unlocked. [hide] https://github.com/ipadkid358/FLEXit/releases/download/0.0.1/com.ipadkid.flexit_0.0.1_iphoneos-arm.deb [/hide]
  14. Hi everyone I'll show how to hack in-app purchases on iOS 11-11.1.2 (I’m tested in vpn master -idle miner and ...) U will need electra JB. So extract deb file and put inapp.plist and inapp.dylib to Sbinject respring your phone. Now this work,sorry I can’t speak English fine. [HIDE] Download link:https://mega.nz/#!FttyhIhB!Jd-OiGaqiFIICT0McshF6WXt2r5B0KKtvcUisa2jVag [/HIDE]
  15. In this tutorial, we will accomplish radar hacks for the game Forward Assault [hide] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0oR-dGlSC_I [/hide]
  16. In this tutorial, I will just give a brief overview of some ARM64 You need to know ARMv7 first so this will be easier to understand. Let's Get Started [hide] So basically, instructions are the same, ARM64 has LDR, MOV, STR, etc., same from ARMv7. You will notice ARM64 has different registers, instead of R0, for example, ARM64 uses X0, OR W0. You can hack it the same way as you would ARMv7. Example: This is ammo in the game Forward Assault. The highlighted instruction is what I hacked, SUB W8, W8, #1 Subtract 1 from W8 and put the value back into W8, simply NOP it. OR You can hack the STR underneath it and instead of storing W8, change it to W20 or W29. It will result in making your ammo a very high number. why? Because you silly goose, W20/W29 is the equivalent of R7. OR you can use X20/X29 if the function has X But wait, are the W20/W29 both the same Father Nitro? Well, I'm glad you asked, I was just about to get to that you eager mcbeaver. You see here, the 20 has a high value, but 29 has a even more higher value. Sometimes 29 can make it go too high it can go negative, so use 20 instead. BOOLS Now let's talk about Booleans in ARM64. In ARMv7, to make something return TRUE or FALSE, we simply change it to MOV R0, #1 OR MOV R0, #0 ARM64 is no different, it's just X instead. MOV X0, #0 or MOV X0, #1 Example: Here is an example function. In case you didn't know, it's a BOOL since this function loads a byte, which have 0 or 1 value. So as you can see, this function gets my sexiness. Obviously, to hack it you will change it to MOV X0, #1 making it true, which it is.. This can NEVER be false :kappa: FLOATS So floats in ARM64 are similar in ARMv7, using FMOV instead of VMOV. So just hack the instruction the same way as you would in ARMv7. Example: You can change that FMOv S2, #0.5 to FMOV S2, #31.0. Now it's time to discuss something else. As you make know in ARM7, sometimes we want to hack the beginning of a function and make it return a float value. so we would do: VMOV S0, #31.0 VMOV R0, S0 BX LR So father Nitro, is it the same in ARM64? I know what you're thinking, you're thinking in ARM64 the equivalent would be: FMOV S0, #31.0 FMOV X0, S0 RET WRONG! Do that and watch the game crash. In arm64 the second instruction isn't needed. FMOV S0, #31.0 FMOV X0, S0 RET SO just replace the first 2 lines of the function with FMOV S0, #31.0 then RET that bad boy. Now let me get into another example why ARM64 is bae. Example: This function is from Critical Ops, which gets the bounciness from the grenade. As you will see, it's a LDR, you can hack it and change it from LDR to FMOV. Yes, in ARM64 you can hack LDR functions to FMOV's. So to hack the function, you can replace the LDR S0, [X0,#0xA0] with a FMOV S0, #31.0 This function made my grenades super bouncy, it was funny to troll in public matches. The grenades bounced like crazy! In ARMv7 I found the same function, it was a LDR followed by a BX LR (RET). So to hack it, I tried many things, MOV R0, R7 and such but every time I threw a grenade it crashed. A VMOV S0, #31.0 VMOV R0, S0 BX LR wouldn't work since there isn't enough space. Unless you wanted to write your own code to the unused part of the binary and make the function branch there, which I'm not entirely sure would have worked since I never tried. So I just hacked it in ARM64 instead [/hide]
  17. [hide]1.Download TweakBox 2.download FilzaJailed 3.Trust the app 4.Go back until the “/“ 5.Go to system 6.Go to Library 7.Go to CoreServices 8.Go to Springboard.app 9.For iOS 11.0 go to en.Iproj 9.For iOS 11.1.2 go to en_GB.Iproj 10.Go to SpringBoard.strings 11.Tap root 12.Scroll to “press_home_to_open” and “press_home_to_unlock” 13.Tap the i 14Edit the value with whatever text 15.Go back one 16.Hit save after changing both or one 17.Hit save 18.Restart your phone 19.Done[/hide]
  18. 1. Hold down the shoot button 2. Hit the pause button 3. Resume playing the game 4. Enjoy (This is most effective with the unlimited bullets hack) Guns I reccomend to use this with: All shotguns Spam sniper All pistols Mpk5
  19. [hide]1. Go to this website below https://www.tweakboxapp.com/ 2. Install the app 3. Trust it in device and management located in settings 4. In the app click the apps tab 5. Scroll to “Tweaked Apps” 6. Download the desired app and enjoy[/hide]
  20. [hide]1. Select a wallpaper from the links below 2. Set as wallpaper 3. Set as still (Pink)http://imageupload.co.uk/images/2017/12/16/33F9EFD1-904F-4174-8355-8DEE849832C8.jpg (Grey)http://imageupload.co.uk/images/2017/12/16/81368BF5-0E97-46BA-8CC1-C485D869E35B.jpg (Rose Gold)http://imageupload.co.uk/images/2017/12/16/2BAB0DE7-8E2C-4892-B054-329EFC401B72.jpg (Yellow)http://imageupload.co.uk/images/2017/12/16/672CDEC3-4199-4C3C-8E9F-019BDEFE29D8.jpg (Volt green)http://imageupload.co.uk/images/2017/12/16/BEE9736A-766D-4A0B-857A-BEBC509D2E44.jpg (Mint)http://imageupload.co.uk/images/2017/12/16/6C3DD729-C21B-49AC-AF16-0B683C07A6E3.jpg (Toothpaste)http://imageupload.co.uk/images/2017/12/16/83592D2C-7EAC-4248-9E26-66B3D351E6DD.jpg (Sky blue) http://imageupload.co.uk/images/2017/12/16/E7C4DFF5-E923-498F-BD60-825BB40F0C9B.jpg (Lavender)http://imageupload.co.uk/images/2017/12/16/9CE100CA-4FD7-46F9-8E9D-3CFD245854FB.jpg (Pastel pink)http://imageupload.co.uk/images/2017/12/16/57465745-5108-49F0-AA71-5E032E5608D0.jpg All credit goes to heyeased.[/hide]
  21. [hide]1. Swipe over to the search bar 2. Click the home button 3. While the phone is still in the animation right before it ends swipe over to another page 4. Your dock should be removed until you use notifications or lock your phone[/hide]
  22. 1. Download “Glitch Art” 2. Import a photo 3. Hit T+ 4. Type your text 5. Screenshot 6. (iOS 11 only) Tap the picture when it pops up 7. Crop the photo to get rid of everything else but the picture alone 8. Upload a video 9. Set the picture as your thumbnail 10. Rake up the subs and likes 11. Come back to this site and thank me xD (JK) (OPTIONAL) For a final outcome example http://imageupload.co.uk/images/2017/12/16/3BC815AE-555E-41DD-91F1-AF98280B2849.jpg
  23. https://youtu.be/mqqsTr6IMVs
  24. Guest

    TUT How To Edit a Host file on Mac

    [hide] open Terminal type $ sudo nano /private/etc/hosts enter your password add host by typing gs apple.com press cont +o to save hit enter press cont +x to exit 0 [/hide]
  25. [hide] https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=esZUf0W5tBQ&feature=youtu.be [/hide]
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