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  1. this is a tool to search game values and Change them to what you want(some games encrypt their Data so it wont work on a few). This is a good replacement for the paid iGameGuardian(iGG), if you just want to get some currency. It wont work at the first time you just open it up I´ll now Show u what to do:[hide] Get GameGem from the BigBossRepo then go to Utilities -> GameGem and install from the repo. For the fix you Need the Newterm application from the Xarold Repo (NewTerm 2 (iOS 7 - 11 v 2.0). Go into the NewTerm Application and type: mobile$ su Password: alpine root# killall GameGemNative && GameGemNative it will say that GameGemNative is now running. Open the GameGem application (dont close Terminal). go to scan. After it successfully connected u can choose a game(u must open the Game first to scan it) and start scanning. While ist loading u Need to go back to NewTerm. then u go into the game and Change the value u searched for and then scan again and go back to newterm. then you will find Data to view tap it then modify it to whatever yout want. Go back to Newterm and then go into the game the values u scanned for and changed will be changed within seconds. repeat the process above every Game you scan. Ist worth the time, bc ist better than spending 3$ on a trash Software.[/hide] Have fun -Seb
  2. Folllow thee steps Download link [hide] http://cheatengine.co/wp-content/uploads/2016/11/CheatEngine.apk [/hide] https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=FFyad-OMp1M&feature=youtu.be Credits : Me
  3. Working on iOS 9 - 9.0.2 No Ads, Unlimited Skips, High Quality Need to be Jailbroken[hide] Open Cydia Sources > Edit > Add http://repo.insanelyi.com Search for BDaySpotify2 Install Restart SpringBoard Open Spotify and ENJOY Credits: AppleTechSpot [/hide]
  4. [hide] Add this repo to Cydia: http://extigy.github.io/repo/ Install "netKillUIbeta" along with its dependencies. [/hide] There will be a netKillUI app on your springboard, open it. Like the app says, swipe down to load all the IPs on your local network. Here is the hard part, you need to identify which devices have which IPs. You can use Fing, an app on the App Store which gives useful information on IPs. Fing will give vendor information and more. Once you find the IP you want to kill (arp-spoof) from using Fing, tap on its IP to "kill" it. Some more technical information: this doesn't really "kill" the IP, it basically cuts the information flow to the device so it just hangs and never loads.
  5. Reply to this topic to watch the tutorial [hide] [/hide]
  6. Here's how you can crash anyone's MobileSafari from this one simple website. I recommend using a url shortener such as goo.gl if you're going to send it to you're friends, so it looks less suspicious :P Here is the site: [hide] Crashsafari.com Have someone visit it and it will crash their Safari :P [/hide]
  7. How too get youtube views with NetTools 5 First Open NetTools 5 Next, Hit Start>Net Work Tools> Mass Website Viewer Once you open it you will get a program in side NetTools 5 that looks like this, [ Next, Get your Youtube link, you can find the like by going here and then simply click on share, you link that you will be use will appear as seen below, [ Copy and Paste the link in too here, Next, Once you have the link in the Program, you can now select how many times(views) you would like too get, Simply click on Auto Stop and type in the amount you want, im gonna do 200. Next, you will need too pick the rate you want the view too give you the "views". I recommend slow, as shown below. Next and lastly, you will need too hit start, and just let it run and enjoy, As seen below :smile: Download link [hide] http://adf.ly/583569/crackfull [/hide] Untested Use at your Own Risk
  8. So I'm going to assume you already have a patcher already made. Now lets get started shall we... Step 1: Download the PFHeaderCell.mm and PFHeaderCell.h [hide]>>HERE<<[/hide] Step 2: Send the PFHeaderCell.mm and PFHeaderCell.h to your /ProjectFolder/ProjectFolderPreferences/ (in my case it's /var/mobile/magicpiano/MagicPiano/) Step 3: Now we need to include the file inside you're Makefile so edit your Makefile with any text editor. (NOTE we will edit the makefile where you placed the 2 PHHeader files in) ProjectName_FILES = ProjectName.mm PFHeaderCell.mm Step 4: Save the Makefile and enter the "Resources" folder so we can edit the ProjectName.plist. Step 5: Edit the ProjectName.plist inside /ProjectFolder/ProjectPreferences/Resources/ and add this XML code at the top right under the <array> tag opens. <dict> <key>cell</key> <string>PSStaticTextCell</string> <key>cellClass</key> <string>PFHeaderCell</string> <key>background</key> <string>#EFEFF4</string> <key>image</key> <string>/Library/PreferenceBundles/ProjectNamePreferences.bundle/header.png</string> <key>height</key> <integer>100</integer> </dict> Example: (NOTE when you place the code in the .plist make sure you edit the ProjectNamePreferences and replace it with your Bundle Name /Library/PreferenceBundles/MagicPiano.bundle/header.png) Step 6: Save the plist you just modified and now we will need the Header Images. Headers have to be scaled in 320x100 pixels and 640x200 for @2x resolution. For best results, make the header image with a transparent background so open up Photoshop and get to work. Once you have your images, place them in the /Resources/ folder and make sure their names are header.png & header@2x.png otherwise the header image won't appear. Step 7: Now compile and install your package then check your iDevice settings. ReBoot:/var/mobile root# cd /var/mobile/magicpiano ReBoot:/var/mobile/magicpiano root# make package install
  9. So recently i was having issues making a deb package because of an error i would get regarding arm64 which looks like this: /Applications/Xcode.app/Contents/Developer/usr/bin/make -f Makefile --no-print-directory --no-keep-going \ internal-library-compile \ THEOS_CURRENT_TYPE=tweak THEOS_CURRENT_INSTANCE=Cars THEOS_CURRENT_OPERATION=compile \ THEOS_BUILD_DIR="." _THEOS_MAKE_PARALLEL=yes /Users/angrydominican/Documents/Debfiles/Cars/theos/bin/logos.pl -c warnings=error Tweak.xm > ./obj/Tweak.xm.mm xcrun -sdk iphoneos clang++ -x objective-c++ -c -I"/Users/angrydominican/Documents/Debfiles/Cars" -DTARGET_IPHONE=1 -O2 -I/Users/angrydominican/Documents/Debfiles/Cars/theos/include -include /Users/angrydominican/Documents/Debfiles/Cars/theos/Prefix.pch -Wall -Werror -isysroot "/Applications/Xcode.app/Contents/Developer/Platforms/iPhoneOS.platform/Developer/SDKs/iPhoneOS8.1.sdk" -arch armv7 -arch arm64 -D__IPHONE_OS_VERSION_MIN_REQUIRED=__IPHONE_8_1 -miphoneos-version-min=8.1 -fobjc-arc -include "logos/logos.h" ./obj/Tweak.xm.mm -o obj/Tweak.xm.83371b02.o rm ./obj/Tweak.xm.mm xcrun -sdk iphoneos clang++ -L/Users/angrydominican/Documents/Debfiles/Cars/theos/lib -lobjc -framework Foundation -framework CoreFoundation -ObjC++ -fobjc-exceptions -fobjc-call-cxx-cdtors -framework UIKit -framework MessageUI -framework Social -framework QuartzCore -framework CoreGraphics -framework Foundation -framework AVFoundation -framework Accelerate -framework GLKit -lsubstrate -dynamiclib -install_name "/Library/MobileSubstrate/DynamicLibraries/Cars.dylib" -isysroot "/Applications/Xcode.app/Contents/Developer/Platforms/iPhoneOS.platform/Developer/SDKs/iPhoneOS8.1.sdk" -arch armv7 -arch arm64 -D__IPHONE_OS_VERSION_MIN_REQUIRED=__IPHONE_8_1 -miphoneos-version-min=8.1 -multiply_defined suppress -Wl,-segalign,4000 -o "obj/Cars.dylib.ba964c90.unsigned" obj/Tweak.xm.83371b02.o obj//Users/angrydominican/Documents/Debfiles/Cars/theos/include/SCLAlertView/SCLAlertView.m.83371b02.o obj//Users/angrydominican/Documents/Debfiles/Cars/theos/include/SCLAlertView/SCLAlertViewResponder.m.83371b02.o obj//Users/angrydominican/Documents/Debfiles/Cars/theos/include/SCLAlertView/SCLAlertViewStyleKit.m.83371b02.o obj//Users/angrydominican/Documents/Debfiles/Cars/theos/include/SCLAlertView/SCLButton.m.83371b02.o obj//Users/angrydominican/Documents/Debfiles/Cars/theos/include/SCLAlertView/SCLTextView.m.83371b02.o obj//Users/angrydominican/Documents/Debfiles/Cars/theos/include/SCLAlertView/SCLTimerDisplay.m.83371b02.o obj//Users/angrydominican/Documents/Debfiles/Cars/theos/include/SCLAlertView/UIImage+ImageEffects.m.83371b02.o ld: warning: ignoring file /Users/angrydominican/Documents/Debfiles/Cars/theos/lib/libsubstrate.dylib, file was built for armv7 which is not the architecture being linked (arm64): /Users/angrydominican/Documents/Debfiles/Cars/theos/lib/libsubstrate.dylib Undefined symbols for architecture arm64: "_MSHookFunction", referenced from: _logosLocalCtor_c00dbd47() in Tweak.xm.83371b02.o "_MSHookMessageEx", referenced from: _logosLocalInit() in Tweak.xm.83371b02.o ld: symbol(s) not found for architecture arm64 clang: error: linker command failed with exit code 1 (use -v to see invocation) make[2]: *** [obj/Cars.dylib.ba964c90.unsigned] Error 1 make[1]: *** [internal-library-all_] Error 2 make: *** [Cars.all.tweak.variables] Error 2 So to fix that i was removing the arm64 arch from the Makefile but doing so would make the deb incompatible with 64bit devices. So i figured out that it was my lib substrate.dylib that was not working right. Thus i found a new one i replaced mine with The one downloads in theos/lib. And BAM problem solved. So if you do have this issue here is a copy of that libsubstrate.dylib file you'll need. Now you should be able to make package for both 32 bit and 64 bit devices. [hide]http://iosddl.net/3e9cbcb246de0cbe/libsubstrate.dylib[/hide]
  10. Requirements: PC Itunes Brain Instructions: [hide] 1- Open Itunes 2- Go to search option top right 3- Type whatsapp or facebook 4- Click on GET option 5- A Pop up screen show and click on create new account 6- Put all your instructions and on last page a NONE button will appear with some bank account option 7- Click on it And Done!!! [/hide]
  11. This Should Help The New Cheaters or Modders In Training [hide]1. Start a new Patcher 2. Open the Tweak.xm file and add these lines to it: https://ghostbin.com/paste/847to 3. Like I said, I will be using Pou as an example so some stuff will be a bit different with other apps. 4. Go to /pouhack/poupref/Resources/ and edit the poupref.plist file so it looks like this: https://ghostbin.com/paste/29zdp 5. Save it and send it back to the poupref folder. 6. Now cd into your project folder and build the package. You're done! For more information on PSEditTextCell, see the iPhoneDevWiki page: http://iphonedevwiki.net/index.php/Preferences_specifier_plist#PSEditTextCell_.26_PSSecureEditTextCell[/hide]
  12. [hide]1. Go to this website below https://www.tweakboxapp.com/ 2. Install the app 3. Trust it in device and management located in settings 4. In the app click the apps tab 5. Scroll to “Tweaked Apps” 6. Download the desired app and enjoy[/hide]
  13. [hide] https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=1PXIOsA9jFA [/hide]
  14. REQUIREMENTS:Windows OSCygwin Make sure to have Cygwin installed with the following packages (if you are unsure, reinstall it): [hide] [hide] wget (Web) git (Devel) ca-certificates (Net) make (Devel) perl (Perl) openssh (Net) python (Python) curl (Net) Open up Cygwin.Enter the following commands 1 by 1: git clone --recursive https://www.github.com/theos/theos.git && mkdir -p theos/toolchains/windows git clone -b x86_64 https://www.github.c...olchain4Win.git theos/toolchains/iphone mkdir -p theos/sdks curl -k -L 'https://sdks.website...OS9.2.sdk.tbz2'| tar -x -j -v -C theos/sdks/ When it`s done, open up C:\cygwin(64)/home/yourpcname/.bash_profile and paste these 2 lines at the bottom: export THEOS=/home/*/theos/ export THEOS_MAKE_PATH=/home/*/theos/makefiles/ Thats pretty much it. If it`s not clear enough, visit Coolstar`s site and read his more detailed tutorial.https://coolstar.org/theos.pdf To be able to work smoothly between Cygwin and your iOS device (don`t need to enter password all the time) do the following:Type in Cygwin sh-keygen -t rsa Just press enter all the way through, dont type anything.Then run this: cat ~/.ssh/id_rsa.pub | ssh root@ "mkdir -p ~/.ssh && cat >> ~/.ssh/authorized_keys" Replace the ip with your own and done. For "make package install" command to work add the following line at the top of your makefile: THEOS_DEVICE_IP =[/hide] [/hide]Credits:Killerdon(Infinite Hacks)
  15. [hide] 1.Download iFile and sign out of gamecenter. 2.Open iFile and navigate to /var/keychains/ 3.Click in keychain-2.db to open it in sqlite3 viewer. 4.Click on SQL in the top left hand corner of the screen. 5.Using the search bar above,search and enter: delete from my genp where agrp like '%supercell.magic%' 6.After pressing search, respring or reboot your device and open of CoC to a brand new account [/hide]
  16. In this tutorial, I'll show you how to create unlimited 14-day PS Plus accounts without the need of a CC. Let's get started! [hide] 1. Create a disposable email at http://www.yopmail.com/ and copy it. 2. Go to https://account.sony...st_locale=es_MX and type in this for the information: ID de inicio de sesión (Email): (Paste the disposable email here you just made)Fecha de nacimiento (Date of Birth): Your choice.Género (Gender): Your choice. Hombre = Male and Mujer = Female.País/región (Region): MexicoProvincia (Province): Estado de Mexico or Baja California.Idioma (Language): EspanolCrear contraseña (Password): Your choice.Confirmar contraseña (Confirmation Password): Put the same password as before. Click on the "No soy un robot" box to confirm you're not a robot then click on "Acepto. Crear mi cuenta.". 3. Go to the disposable email you just created, click on the verification link and then go back to the PSN create account tab and click on "Continuar".4. Go to Cuenta > Monedero > Agregar fondos al monedero > Añadir tarjeta de crédito and then leave this tab. 5. Make a new tab and go to: http://www.elfqrin.c...d_generator.php. For "Enter a Pattern (BIN):", paste in this: "5442049043xxxxxx". Now click on "Generate". For "Generated cards:", just put in "100" or as many as you'd like. 6. Copy the list it gives you and head over to: http://gdshop.se/card/ccn1/, paste in the list you just copied and then click on "Submit". 7. Wait for the generator to do it's thing and keep track of the "Live" section. Most of the CC's you pasted will be in "DIE" because they no longer work. Wait until you see a "LIVE" CC. If you do not, go back to: http://www.elfqrin.c...d_generator.php and generate more CC's. When a CC pops up in the "Live" section, copy the 16 digit CC number. 8. Head back over to the PSN tab you have up and type in this information: Número de tarjeta de crédito (Number on Credit card): (Paste in the 16 digit code you've just copied in here)Tipo de tarjeta de crédito (Type of Credit card): MastercardFecha de vencimiento (Expiry date): 11/17Nombre del titular de la tarjeta de crédito (Name on Credit card): Put what you like.Código de seguridad de la tarjeta de crédito (Credit card security code): 667Dirección 1 (Address 1): EnsenadaDirección 2 (Address 2): Just leave this blank.Dirección 3 (Address 3): Just leave this blank.Ciudad (City): EnsenadaProvincia (Province): Estado de Mexico or Baja California.Código postal (Post code): 22820País/región (Region): Mexico Now go ahead and click on "Guardar". 9. Now once you've added the fake CC, head over to: https://store.playst...08-PSPLUSMEMBER and click on the "PS Plus 14-Day Trial" then click on "Suscribirse". 10. A pop-up will appear. Type in the the email you used for this account in the first box and the password in the second box. Then click on "Iniciar sesion".11. The next box will be your Online ID. Just put anything then click on "Continuar". The next box will appear which will ask for your first, last name and a security question. Just put anything. The next box will appear and type this in for this box: Dirección 1 (Address 1): Put anything.Dirección 2 (Address 2): Put anything.Dirección 3 (Address 3): Put anything.Ciudad (City): Put anything.Provincia (Province): Estado de Mexico or Baja California.País/región (Region): Mexico Now click on "Continuar". 12. The next box isn't important so just click on "Finalizer".13. Once you've added the CC, just go ahead and click on "Suscribirse" once again and it'll activate the 14-day PS Plus. There you go! You have now just created a PSN account w/ a 14-day PS Plus activated on it. Keep doing this every time it runs out. Video of Tutorial:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h71cBM6vVAA[/hide] Credits: @@Joka (for the text tutorial) - Sniper FR (for the video tutorial) Enjoy! :)
  17. So there is iAPCracker and now there is iAPFree but these hacks are only for jailbroken devices. Now, you can get most in app purchases free without a jailbreak.I will also give a step by step instructions on how to do it. Lets begin! [hide]1. Download these two certificates before you begin - http://system.in-appstore.com/certs/cacert.pem Second http://system.in-appstore.com/certs/itcert.pem (Very Important To Install First first and then Second second!) [/hide] 2. Log Off your iTunes account in AppStore - Store->Tap on your appleid->Sign Off 3. Go into any application you want to get an in app purchase in and make an attempt to buy something. Tap "Cancel" on "Do you want to purchase?" window. 4. Open Wi-Fi settings on your iDevice and tap arrow on the right of your Wi-Fi network. Then enter on of these DNS servers in the DNS box -, (more to come) 5. Go back to the Wi-Fi settings and toggle Wi-Fi Off then On. 6. Now go back into the app that you loaded up in step 3 and try purchasing something. 7. Hit "LIKE" on the box that comes up. 8. Hit "Use Existing Account" and type in WRONG credentials. 9. Watch it give you the in app purchase for free! 10. That is all there is to it!
  18. Compatible with iOS 6.x.x - 8.x.x Requirements:- JB Device- Cydia-Brain Instructions:[hide]1- Open Cydia2- Go to sources and Tap on Edit on Top Right and press Add this repo 3- Open Repo and Install Cydown and Cydia Enable & Do respring4- Close Cydia From Multitasking5- Go to Setting and Scroll down6- Open Cydown and click Enable Cydown On Cydia Enable7 - Open Cydia And Install Any Paid Tweaks8- Enjoy !!! [/hide]
  19. [hide]1. Swipe over to the search bar 2. Click the home button 3. While the phone is still in the animation right before it ends swipe over to another page 4. Your dock should be removed until you use notifications or lock your phone[/hide]
  20. Hi everyone I'll show how to hack in-app purchases on iOS 11-11.1.2 (I’m tested in vpn master -idle miner and ...) U will need electra JB. So extract deb file and put inapp.plist and inapp.dylib to Sbinject respring your phone. Now this work,sorry I can’t speak English fine. [HIDE] Download link:https://mega.nz/#!FttyhIhB!Jd-OiGaqiFIICT0McshF6WXt2r5B0KKtvcUisa2jVag [/HIDE]
  21. Guest

    TUT How to get Unban from SnapChat

    Have you Been locked out of you're SnapChat ? Follow these instructions below : Go to this link : [hide] https://accounts.snapchat.com/accounts/login?continue=https://accounts.snapchat.com/accounts/unlock [/hide] log in online with your Snapchat account details. If you don’t remember your password, you’ll have to click on the “ Forgot your password? ” link underneath and enter your password. Click the yellow unlock button, and be prepared to wait for a couple hours . Hopefully Snapchat will unlock your account in time to save your streaks! If you try to log in before Snapchat is ready, you will receive an “Error To Unlock” message. Make absolutely sure you’ve uninstalled any third-party apps before you try logging back in. If you try logging in before you uninstall any third-party Snapchat apps, your unlock button may be replaced by an error message saying “We are sorry, we were unable to process your request.” If this happens you can tweet @ https://mobile.twitter.com/snapchatsupport Accounts temporarily locked for 3rd party app usage can take up to 1 day to unlock according to a tweet from Snapchat’s support twitter account.
  22. How To Get Torrent(s) Off iDevice CLICK LOGO TO BE DIRECTED TO LINK [hide] Download this app below APP: http://7labsdl.heypub.com/it/itv4.ipa Open the app Go to your favored torrent link Search for a torrent Click GET THIS TORRENT It will load in the app you downloaded Done[/hide]
  23. Requirements: - Jailbroken iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch. - Your Brain (ALWAYS NEEDED) - Gamegem Offine Game - Anything you want [hide] Step 1-) Go to Cydia 2-) Install Gamegem or IGameguardian (I recommend Gamegem) 3-) Open the game that you want to hack and open Gamegem 4-) In GameGem click on the first icon on the top right 5-) Press the game that you want to hack 6-) Write the value of resources that you have 7-) Spend some resources and write the value again 8-) Press the button down of the search button 9-) Select all and press the modify button at the Top 10-) Write the amount of value of resource you want MAX: dont make more than 999 Million 11-) Open the game and ... 12-) ENJOY :) [/hide]
  24. You will need a Jail-broken phone and a DLG cheat engine ( you can search cydia and install the cheat engine ) Disclaimer this will not work on some games like sever sided games (clash royal/of clans) or games with a lot of different offsets (PvZ heroes) Once you get the DLG cheat engine you can add it on any app from your settings. You will usually just change things with visible number values (currency, ammo, moves, and score) and you will always have the top bar set on "=" and most games you will search in UInt and if you can't find what you're looking for use UByte and if that doesn't work you can try all of the options you have, but that might not work and if it doesn't DLG wont work with that game. Tips: don't search a low number or game might crash, if your game crashes the DLG found to many results if your game crashes use a different number and pause the game when you search a number. Example Crossy Road I'll walk you through what i was doing/thinking.  1. Coins I got on UInt and looked up the coins I have. EX: 100 2. I play a match and collect coins now I have EX:103 look that up.  3. I repeat this till I get a low number of results and they all are equal to my coins EX: I have 103 coins I get some now I have 104 when I tap refresh they all change to 104.  4. Tap the "M" button so you can edit the number and changer to what you want EX: 9999999 You can do this for any number value in a game You can also do this same to find code for dlg in pubg mobile
  25. Follow this https://youtu.be/3QkinaFhTtI Enjoy ..
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