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  1. https://youtu.be/mqqsTr6IMVs
  2. Guest

    TUT How to Enter Dfu Mode

    It's very simple just takes 23seconds Follow this [hide] Hold power button for three second Then press home button but keep holding power button for 10 seconds Then leave the power button but keep holding the home Button for 10 seconds That's it [/hide]
  3. [hide] https://youtu.be/NsBqrvNrQ54 [/hide]
  4. This will help u to play modern combat versus on any country Free Philippines account also [hide] First get a Philippines Account K96hx94a21558@cloud.com Ss112211 Hope the passwords doesn't get changes Then search for the Game Go and download cloudwall Vpn https://appsto.re/gb/49JJdb.i Go to vpn and change country to Philippines Then u can play mc6 without any problems. [/hide] Video https://youtu.be/Uoe33YC4U4c Enjoy only For noobs
  5. A rooted device xPosed Installer xPrivacy IMEI changer Pro Aptoide or Blackmarket Install these and follow these steps [hide] Install xPrivacy, follow the steps provided inside the app, You have to check every box and follow the steps given! You maybe need to install another app, do it. If u have everything installed, u have to reboot your device. Afterwards; Install xPosed Installer (the app xPrivacy will provide infos and dl-links / downloads) Then, u will have some options, one is called Framework and it maybe will have a red text underneath telling you what you need to do or it will ask you if you followed the steps provided; If there is no red text u have done every step provided from the app correctly, click on Framework, it will install. Now, reboot your device another time. After you rebooted it, click on xPosed Installer, it will show you several options you may have seen already when u checked Framework. Now, click on modules -> tick the box right next to xPrivacy, close the app. Now you need aptoide/black market. Aptoide can be installed from the Google play store, black market from Google after you searched for it. Aptoide is nearly 1:1 Google play store, but it has free apps / MORE apps then GPS. So, now search for "IMEI changer Pro", without the It will have a blue icon with the app name inside, its also from xPosed but not provided in the other 2 apps/GPS. Now, install it, go to xPosed Installer, go to modules and tick the box right next to IMEI changer pro. Close the app, open IMEI changer pro and screenshot your IMEI given. Then, open IMEI changer Pro, click apply, reboot your device, go again to the IMEI changer, and click Apply another time, reboot your device again. Check if your IMEI is changed in IMEI changed pro. If its not, Over and over again if you get banned! [/hide]
  6. Guest

    TUT All OverWatch Glitches

    Hey just wanted to share with you new glitches that are working after the 8-5-17 patch. Most of em are easy ways to get outside of the spawn with 2 players. Hope you enjoy! [hide] https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=zZsm6RXCFBk [/hide] Credits : Ioc3tn
  7. Description: This guide will show you how to sign an application on your device with a free dev account. (Cert valid for 7 days) Required repo's: https://apt.enduniverse.com/cydia/ http://julio.xarold.com/ Other requirements: Jailbreak. (Obviously) Mterminal. AppSync Unified. (Install from https://cydia.angelxwind.net/) Working Yalu102/Mach_Portal signed with Impactor using your own AppleID. *Re-signing your certificate only works when jailbroken as Cydia Extender is installed using AppSync. If you revoke your certificate, or it gets revoked after 7 days and you end up in jailed state you need to use impactor again. Instructions: 1. Open Cydia and add the 2 repo's mentioned above. 2. Install the following 2 packages from Cydia: - Cydia Extender Installer - Extendlife 3. Reboot device and rejailbreak with your current Jailbreak app. 4. Open Filza, go to /var/containers/Bundle/Application/[Yalu or mach.app folder] and open the "embedded.mobileprovision" file with Text Editor. 5. Copy the 10-digit string below "ApplicationIdentifierPrefix". 6. Open Mterminal and login as root. 7. Then run: cyextender [10-digit string] Example: cyextender F86Y6Y48H9 Wait for it to install Cydia Extender. (You might want to run: uicache in Mterminal afterwards) Note: Running the cyextender command will save a few deb files in /var/cache/apt/archives If your OCD can't handle that, then you can manually remove the .deb files in that location after Cydia Extender is installed. *This is not needed anymore as of the latest version of ExtendLife* 8. Open Extender on your phone and let it set up its VPN profile. You might get an error in Extender so just kill the Extender app and re-open and open Settings.app to install the VPN profile. Now everything is set up and ready to use. Downloading and installing your preferred Jailbreak IPA: 1. First delete your currently installed Jailbreak app. 2. On your device using Safari download the IPA from one of these links: Yalu102 beta 7: https://yalu.qwertyoruiop.com/yalu102_beta7.ipa Dark Yalu102 beta 7 by GeoSn0w: https://github.com/GeoSn0w/Yalu-Jailbreak-iOS-10.2/raw/master/IPA Build/Yalu Dark Jailbreak b7 (SL024).ipa Mach_Portal beta 3: https://yalu.qwertyoruiop.com/mach_portal+yalu-b3.ipa 3. When download complete press the "More..." button, select "Copy to Extender" and hit cancel. 4. Now press the 'Revoke all Certificates" button in the More tab and login using your Apple ID/Pass. 5. Then press the dowloaded IPA in the Downloads tab and login again. Press Install when the popup shows up and check your Homescreen for a newly installed app. 6. Trust your certificate in Settings.app and you're done. From now on perform steps 1,4,5 and 6 on your device to resign your Jailbreak app. :) Tip: Install CertRemainTime for Bigboss to monitor your Certificate status. Credits : @[Clown] @[Naeem]
  8. save time if you have an app that you have multiple accounts for and dont want to log in and out all the time like Crackulo's or Craigslist or what ever other reason... some apps log in with duid so this wouldnt really help unless you want to use with fake duid with one so u can have two.. like Who's Here or The X'change uses duid for login.. some apps like words with friends the paid version has a specific bundleidentifer for the paid version so when u change it you see adds in the copied version..theres are little things that make a defference but worry bout that later .. ok so do this the easiest way i can think of so all you need is 3 things and you do it all from your device.. 1) the app you want to duplicate 2) ifile 3) Installous if you have those then open ifile and hit the home icon on bottom then hit Applications so your in /User/Applications and find the app you want to copy ill use Pianist.app for example.. go into that folder and copy only the .app folder of the app and iTunesartwork..do NOT copy the Library, Documents and what ever else is there.. then go to /User/Documents/Installous/Downloads and make a new folder called Payload make sure has capital P then paste .app folder inside the Payload folder and iTunesArtwork next to Payload then go into Payload and change the .app bundle name to what you want.. easiest is just add a 2 to the end but im gona make it SullsPianist.app just because i can.. and then go in it and open the info.plist and change the CFBundleExecutable, CFBundleIdentifier and that should be all.. you can change the DisplayName so you dont mix up the apps if you choose.. and save it remember that CFBundleExecutable you just changed in that info.plist? now find it and change it to what you named it there and get back to where you see iTunesArtwork and Payload then edit and zip them together and names it what u want.. after it compresses change the .zip to .ipa and you should alreasy be in Installous/Downloads just cole ifile and open Installous and install just like any other app.. if everything went right you should now have two of the same app i think i got everything.. damn that was a lot more difficult to write than i thought it was going to be.. hope that helps
  9. Guest

    TUT 100 Mobile Terminal Commands

    so going to start out with how to become root and everything in this guide will be as root user unless mentioned otherwise.. everything in ' ' is what to type, dont type the ' ' so if i say 'dpkg' just type dpkg..get it? theres a list of most commands at bottom.. the commands you have depend whats installed in cydia... this is going to be a work in progress guide as im not going to sit here for hours and do it all at once... ADDED command --help menus for some commands.. get help in terminal by adding --help to most commands.. except apt-get is -h for some reason.. so for help on how to use the commands 'dpkg --help' 'grep --help' 'apt-get -h' become root user 'su' then will ask for a password and the default password is alpine 'alpine' your not going to see the letters just type it and hit return then your going to want to change you password so your gona type 'passwd' and then enter the new password you want (you wont see it as you type) and then confirm apt-get Usage: apt-get [options] command apt-get [options] install|remove pkg1 [pkg2 ...] apt-get [options] source pkg1 [pkg2 ...] apt-get is a simple command line interface for downloading and installing packages. The most frequently used commands are update and install. Commands: update - Retrieve new lists of packages upgrade - Perform an upgrade install - Install new packages (pkg is libc6 not libc6.deb) remove - Remove packages autoremove - Remove automatically all unused packages purge - Remove packages and config files source - Download source archives build-dep - Configure build-dependencies for source packages dist-upgrade - Distribution upgrade, see apt-get(8) dselect-upgrade - Follow dselect selections clean - Erase downloaded archive files autoclean - Erase old downloaded archive files check - Verify that there are no broken dependencies Options: -h This help text. -q Loggable output - no progress indicator -qq No output except for errors -d Download only - do NOT install or unpack archives -s No-act. Perform ordering simulation -y Assume Yes to all queries and do not prompt -f Attempt to correct a system with broken dependencies in place EXAMPLES 'apt-get update' [updates your cydia packages and sources] 'apt-get upgrade' [installs any available upgrade] 'apt-get install com.sull.sysclean' [installs a package] 'apt-get remove com.sull.sysclean' [removes installed package] 'apt-get autoremove' to remove packages that were installed as a dependancy for a package you have removed.. say you installed installous.. it installed appsync automaticlly but when you remove installous it doesnt remove appsync with it.. this command finds all those left behind packages no longer needed 'apt-get autoclean' or 'apt-get clean' to clean out archived packages downloaded from cydia dpkg Usage: dpkg [<option> ...] <command> Commands: -i|--install <.deb file name> ... | -R|--recursive <directory> ... --unpack <.deb file name> ... | -R|--recursive <directory> ... -A|--record-avail <.deb file name> ... | -R|--recursive <directory> ... --configure <package> ... | -a|--pending --triggers-only <package> ... | -a|--pending -r|--remove <package> ... | -a|--pending -P|--purge <package> ... | -a|--pending --get-selections [<pattern> ...] Get list of selections to stdout. --set-selections Set package selections from stdin. --clear-selections Deselect every non-essential package. --update-avail <Packages-file> Replace available packages info. --merge-avail <Packages-file> Merge with info from file. --clear-avail Erase existing available info. --forget-old-unavail Forget uninstalled unavailable pkgs. -s|--status <package> ... Display package status details. -p|--print-avail <package> ... Display available version details. -L|--listfiles <package> ... List files `owned' by package(s). -l|--list [<pattern> ...] List packages concisely. -S|--search <pattern> ... Find package(s) owning file(s). -C|--audit Check for broken package(s). --print-architecture Print dpkg architecture. --compare-versions <a> <op> <b> Compare version numbers - see below. --force-help Show help on forcing. -Dh|--debug=help Show help on debugging. -h|--help Show this help message. --version Show the version. --license|--licence Show the copyright licensing terms. Use dpkg -b|--build|-c|--contents|-e|--control|-I|--info|-f|--field| -x|--extract|-X|--vextract|--fsys-tarfile on archives (type dpkg-deb --help). heres some examples. 'dpkg -i /var/root/sysclean.deb' installs a package. use full file path to location and the actual name of the deb file. 'dpkg -r com.sull.sysclean' uninstalls deb. this uses the package name. the name you see at the bottom of descripion in cydia 'dpkg -P' purges configuration files for uninstalled packages. some packes after uninstalling you will still see in terminal as deinstalled. those packages still have files left behind. not exactly sure what those may be but ive had uninstalled packages still causing issues until i ran dpkg -P. same usage as dpkg -r 'dpkg --get-selections' will list all packages currently installed in cydia and their status 'dpkg -L com.sull.sysclean' will list all files that were installed by that package 'dpkg -S' then the path to a file and will tell you what package instlled it. ex if you find the file sysclean and want to know what installed it type 'dpkg -S /usr/bin/sysclean' ( then terminal would say) com.sull.sysclean 'dpkg -$ --force-all' i used $ for all dpkg options.. could be -r, -s, -i whatever.. if dpkg give you an error use --force-all to make it do what you want even if it breaks something..dont use this unless you have a good idea what ur doing 'dpkg -b /var/folders/myfirstdeb' builds a deb.. if you want to make your own debian package this is the command to build it. to much to explain on that so if your interested go to the guide sull has already made here thats most of the basic the dpkg commands.. so heres some simple use commands Settings Permissions 'chmod' changes permission for files.. if you want to change 1 file just use the path to the 1 file or folder.. if its folder it will not change the permissions of files inside.. for that you would need to use -R option for apply recursively.. same rules apply for the next 2 commands..ex 'chmod 0755 /var/folders/file.txt' ------changes permissions for that 1 file chmod -R 0755 /var/folders' -------------changes permissions for folder and everything inside 'chown' changes owner and group of files and folders.. same usage as chmod.. if your not familiar with them you may get confused between the 2.. i remember by "chown" will CHange OWNer and the other one does the other thing.. 'chown root:wheel /var/folders' 'chown -R root:wheel /var/folders' ----how to list files, read files, write files----------- ls (thats lower case LS) is for list...should be pretty easy to know wh at that does 'ls /var/root'------------- will list everything you see in /var/root directory. "Media | Library" 'ls -R /var/root' ---------will list everything in /var/root recursivley.. all files in every folder. it will keep going till theres nothing unmentioned left this next option works all through out terminal..its '>' the way im using it i think of as a funnel taking what evers infront of it and funneling it all into a file... can also mean "more than, less than ect" so 'ls /var/root > /var/root/rootlist.txt' will make a list of whats in /var/root and make it a file so now you have /var/root/rootlist.txt and if you want to read the file from terminal use the command 'cat' 'cat /var/root/rootlist.txt' and will output something like ------------------------------------- Library Media ------------------------------------ if you want to write something into a file use 'echo' like 'echo "I like Big tittys" >Titty.txt' then you can read it with 'cat Titty.txt' would return -> "I like Big Tittys" using 1 > when piping to a file will overwrite whatever was already there.. 2 >> will append to the end of the file.. so it i did 'echo "a whole bunch!" >>Titty.txt' then i 'cat Titty.txt' now would say "I Like Big Tittys a whole bunch!" if i just used 1 > and did echo "a whole bunch!" >Titty.txt' then 'cat Titty.txt' would return only "a whole bunch!" Respring, Reboot---- and some Springboard settings------------------ 'respring' -------------------do i need to explain what this does? if your here and are really about to ask, dont cuz i will make fun of you and tell you to go to the play in the themes section 'killall SpringBoard' ------does samething 'sbreload' -------------------does a little differently it shuts down processes first more like a how a computer shuts down.. not sure if theres any significants to that or not.. 'reboot' -----if your still here refer to 'respring' comment ^^^^ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 'sb -l' thats sb -L (little L) lists all your sbringboard settings.. 'sb -s brc0703 SBFakeCarrier' ---- sets your carrier to brc0703..up to 4.1 only 'sb -1 SBDontLockEver' ---- device will never fall asleep or go to lock screen.. use -0 to disable instead of -1 'sb -1 SBDisableMailAutoLaunch' ---- stops mail from running in background 'sb -1 SBHideACPower' ---- device doesnt do anything when connected to power.. still charges just no vibrate or signs apt-cache freakin A i just added a tonm of crap and accidently hit the damn signature image and took me to a new page and erased everything..FML 'apt-cache' cydia apt cache database... package info 'apt-cache pkgnames' will display all pacakges cydia has every seen.. way to long a list to run alone..use grep to specify what ur lookin for 'apt-cache pkgnames | grep barrel' search all pacakges but only display lines that have barrel in it 'apt-cache pkgnames | grep sull' display all lines with sull... basicly all insanelyi's packages.. to count them use -c 'apt-cache pkgnames | grep -c sull' will count all pacakges with sull in the name ADDING MORE 7/2/11 freakin sweet just found a way to display all pacakges from a certain Author.. 'apt-cache show `apt-cache pkgnames com.sull` | grep -A3 -B3 'Author: brc0703' ok 'apt-cache show' will show info for a pacakge. 'apt-cache pkgnames com.sull' will output all pacakges that start with com.sull.. putting ` ` around `apt-cache pkgnames com.sull` is telling 'apt-cache show' to show pacakge info for the output of 'apt-cache pkgnames com.sull' which is all insanelyi pacakge.. then using grep Author: brc0703 will only show lines with Author: brc0703 in them and adding -A3 shows the next 3 lines after match and -B3 shows 3 lines before match.. hope that wasnt to confusing.. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 'gssc' display a ton of info about your device.. 'locate' will search your device for what ever you tell it 'locate icon' will locate and display the path to everything that has icon in the name 'locate icon | grep Themes' display path to all icons but have to have Themes in the path line... if you ran themes(lower case) it probably woudnt show anything..would use -i to ignoes case diff 'locate icon | grep -i themes' wouldnt matter if Themes or themes ...thats all for now clicking that stupid sig wasted a ton of time lol.. ill try to add more later.. ..well this is taking longer than i expected.. only dont with apt and i wanna quit.. so ill add more later to this.. give suggestions on what commands you want me to explain and if i know ill add it to the guide.. ======================================================================== grep filter stdout for lines containing expression (only shows that have the word you want ) Usage: grep [OPTION]... PATTERN [FILE]... Search for PATTERN in each FILE or standard input. PATTERN is, by default, a basic regular expression (BRE). Example: grep -i 'hello world' menu.h main.c Regexp selection and interpretation: -E, --extended-regexp PATTERN is an extended regular expression (ERE) -F, --fixed-strings PATTERN is a set of newline-separated fixed strings -G, --basic-regexp PATTERN is a basic regular expression (BRE) -P, --perl-regexp PATTERN is a Perl regular expression -e, --regexp=PATTERN use PATTERN for matching -f, --file=FILE obtain PATTERN from FILE -i, --ignore-case ignore case distinctions -w, --word-regexp force PATTERN to match only whole words -x, --line-regexp force PATTERN to match only whole lines -z, --null-data a data line ends in 0 byte, not newline Miscellaneous: -s, --no-messages suppress error messages -v, --invert-match select non-matching lines Output control: -m, --max-count=NUM stop after NUM matches -n, --line-number print line number with output lines --line-buffered flush output on every line -H, --with-filename print the filename for each match -h, --no-filename suppress the prefixing filename on output --label=LABEL print LABEL as filename for standard input -o, --only-matching show only the part of a line matching PATTERN -q, --quiet, --silent suppress all normal output --binary-files=TYPE assume that binary files are TYPE; TYPE is `binary', `text', or `without-match' -R, -r, --recursive equivalent to --directories=recurse --include=FILE_PATTERN search only files that match FILE_PATTERN --exclude=FILE_PATTERN skip files and directories matching FILE_PATTERN --exclude-from=FILE skip files matching any file pattern from FILE --exclude-dir=PATTERN directories that match PATTERN will be skipped. -L, --files-without-match print only names of FILEs containing no match -l, --files-with-matches print only names of FILEs containing matches -c, --count print only a count of matching lines per FILE Context control: -B, --before-context=NUM print NUM lines of leading context -A, --after-context=NUM print NUM lines of trailing context -C, --context=NUM print NUM lines of output context -NUM same as --context=NUM ================================================================ Usage: find [path...] [expression] default path is the current directory; default expression is -print expression may consist of: operators, options, tests, and actions: operators (decreasing precedence; -and is implicit where no others are given): ( EXPR ) ! EXPR -not EXPR EXPR1 -a EXPR2 EXPR1 -and EXPR2 EXPR1 -o EXPR2 EXPR1 -or EXPR2 EXPR1 , EXPR2 positional options (always true): -daystart -follow -regextype normal options (always true, specified before other expressions): -depth --help -maxdepth LEVELS -mindepth LEVELS -mount -noleaf --version -xdev -ignore_readdir_race -noignore_readdir_race tests (N can be +N or -N or N): -amin N -anewer FILE -atime N -cmin N -cnewer FILE -ctime N -empty -false -fstype TYPE -gid N -group NAME -ilname PATTERN -iname PATTERN -inum N -iwholename PATTERN -iregex PATTERN -links N -lname PATTERN -mmin N -mtime N -name PATTERN -newer FILE -nouser -nogroup -path PATTERN -perm [+-]MODE -regex PATTERN -wholename PATTERN -size N[bcwkMG] -true -type [bcdpflsD] -uid N -used N -user NAME -xtype [bcdpfls] EXAMPLES 'find / -cmin -30' find all files in / created in less than 30 min.. 'find /private/var/mobile/Documents -amin 50' find all files in /private/var/mobile/Documents accessed in less than 50 min PID heres a script i made up for showing process ids.. ill explain the best i can lines with that start with # are not read by the script they are only notes for readers.. all except the first #! #!/bin/bash #pid is a simple script to show pids and matching processes #if no user input then display usage to user #telling the user to use a serch term and not just type pid #example 'pid phone'.. $1 represents the user input -z mean null value #so if user didnt put anything it returns a 0 and 0=null then echo usage #echo displays on screen what ever is in " " if [ -z $1 ]; then echo echo "Usage: pid [serch term]" echo " [all] shows all pid's" echo echo " detail: search can be only partial" echo " match and is not case" echo " sensitive to return processes" echo exit 0 fi #if input all then show all #remember $1 is what ever the user typed for serch term.. so this is asking if [ $1 == all ]; then #if $1(<--user input) == all ; then #echo (display) whats within " ".. now normally it would only read the words but #enclosing the commands within " " with ` ` tells it to read the output of the commands # if i didnt put `` it would only read back "ps -ef | sed 's/\//\ /g' | awk '{ print $2, $NF }' | grep -i -v -E '(-i|all)" echo "`ps -ef | sed 's/\//\ /g' | awk '{ print $2, $NF }' | grep -i -v -E '(-i|all)'`" exit 0 fi #setting PID to represent the output of the cammand.. so when ever i use $PID its going to #represent the value for 'ps -ef | grep -i $1 | grep -v grep | grep -v pid | sed 's/\//\ /g' | awk '{ print $2, $NF }' PID=`ps -ef | grep -i $1 | grep -v grep | grep -v pid | sed 's/\//\ /g' | awk '{ print $2, $NF }'` #if user input is not matched to a process then its going to return a 0.. or a null value # so if $PID = 0(null) then echo "no process found" else(meaning if value is not 0 then it matched something) #echo $PID.. the value of "ps -ef | grep -i $1 | grep -v grep | grep -v pid | sed 's/\//\ /g' | awk '{ print $2, $NF }' if [ -z "$PID" ]; then echo "no process found" else echo "$PID" fi exit 0 now "ps -ef | grep -i $1 | grep -v grep | grep -v pid | sed 's/\//\ /g' | awk '{ print $2, $NF }" is several commands start by noticing the | .... each one seperates a command leaving its value to be fed to the next so ps -ef outputs a lot of processes in columns with a bunch of info(see img below) now grep is going to pick out only lines that have $1(whatever the user typed) and -i tells grep to ignore case.. grep -v means ignore so -v grep is saying ignore itself.. dont pick its own process.. same with grep -v pid.. ignore pid process(itself) im not real familiar with sed.. i just know that sed 's/what ever is here/gets replaced with whats here/g'.. the \ tell it that the next / are supposed to be acknowledged and not that its supposed to continue on in the command so if i did sed's////g' its gona error cuz thats too many / but sed 's/\// says the / following \ is the input charachter so sed 's/\/\ /g' is replacing all the / with a blank space.. no we already filtered out only lines with the users search term now awk '{ print $2, $NF } is saying print the second word and last word of the chosen lines.. so as seen below there are multiple columns awk is saying only read the second and last of each line.. and we already filtered out only lines that match the user input the reasom for replacing / with a blank space is so awk will only print the last name of the path not the whole path.. cuz if it was /usr/bin/pid it would read the whole thing as one word but usr bin pid it only reads pid. so the final result is processes id and process and would output like 145 MobilePhone Loop, How to modify multiple files going to be using a little bit more complicated terminal commands here.. first your going to figure out what it is you want changed.. we will use a bunch of ROMs that you want to zip individually.. so your going to set a variable to the list of targets.. then the use of 'for line in `targets` do "something" and its going to go line by line performing the task on each one..so this exapmle would be for line in $(ls /var/mobile/Media/ROMs/GENESIS | grep -v zip) do zip "$line".zip "$line" done hope that helps a little with understanding how things run together heres a list of commands on my phone.. your list will be different cuz it depends what you have installed.. and i have somr custom ones in there.. i took most of them out so not to get confused looking for something in cydia brc0703:~ root# Display all 631 possibilities? (y or n) ! env mount sha256sum ./ envsubst mount_cd9660 sha384sum 2xrm error mount_devfs sha512sum 7z esac mount_fdesc shc 7za eval mount_hfs shift : exec mount_kernfs shopt BTServer exit mount_msdos shred BTdaemon expand mount_null shuf BlueTool export mount_procfs sid BlueToolH4 expr mount_synthfs simulatecrash DumpBasebandCrash ezrestore mount_union size PatchBlueTool ezsave msgattrib slattach SpringBoardAccess-test factor msgcat sleep [ fairplayd.N88 msgcmp slogin [[ fairplayd.default msgcomm sms ]] false msgconv sort abquery fc msgen sorted abs fdisk msgexec source ac fg msgfilter split accessoryd fgrep msgfmt sqlite3 accton fi msggrep ssh alias file msginit ssh-add allmyi find msgmerge ssh-agent aosnotifyd findme msgunfmt ssh-keygen ap2ipa finger msguniq ssh-keyscan apmode fmf mso sshd appSearch fmt mv startupfiletool appdub fold nano stat appnum for natd strings appsearch freemem ncat strip apt-cache fsck ncurses5-config stty apt-cdrom fsck_hfs ncursesw5-config su apt-config fsck_msdos ndiff sudo apt-extracttemplates fstyp ndp sudoedit apt-ftparchive fstyp_hfs netstat sum apt-get fstyp_msdos newfs suspend apt-key fstyp_ntfs newfs_hfs sw_vers apt-mark fstyp_udf newfs_msdos sync apt-sortpkgs fstyp_ufs ngettext syschk ar ftp nice sysctl arch function nl syslogd arm-apple-darwin9-c++ funzip nm tabs arm-apple-darwin9-g++ g++ nmap tac arm-apple-darwin9-gcc gawk nmapfe tail arm-apple-darwin9-gcc-4.2.1 gcc nmedit talk arp gccbug node tar as gcov node-waf tee athief getconf nohup telnet athief.sh getdeviceinfo nologin test autopoint getopts notificationWatcher tftp autossh gettext notify then awd_ice2 gettext.sh notifyd tic awk gettextize nping time backup getty nproc timeout badge geturl nvram times badgenum gpg od toe base64 gpg-zip openURL top basename gpgsplit openssl touch bash gpgv otool tput bashbug gremlind otool64 tr bg grep pagesize traceroute bid groups pagestuff traceroute6 bind gssc passwd trap break gunzip paste trpt builtin gzexe patchsync true bunzip2 gzip pathchk truncate bzcat halt pax tset bzip2 hash pbcopy tsort bzip2recover head pbpaste tty c++ help pcap-config tunefs c_rehash hexdump pcre-config tweet caller hidelibconvert pcregrep type captoinfo history pcretest typeset case hostid pfctl uicache cat hostinfo photofix uiduid cd hostname pid uiopen chcon id pincrush uishoot checksyms if ping ulimit chflags ifconfig ping6 umask chgrp igawk pinky umount chmod iis pkglist unalias chown in play uname chroot indr plutil uncompress cksum infocmp pmset unexpand clear infotocap popd unifdef clri inquiry powerlog uninstall_zenmap cmp install pppd uniq cms install_name_tool pr unlink codesign_allocate intelliStatusIcons printenv unlzma comm ioalloccount printf unrar command ioclasscount ps unset compgen ioreg ptx until compiler iostat punchd unxz complete ip-print pushd unzip compopt ip6conf pwd unzipsfx compress ip6fw pwd_mkdb update continue ipconfig quitTop updatedb coproc ipcrm quot uptime cp ipcs quota urlclip cpp ipfw quotacheck users csplit itmsSearch quotaon uudecode ctags jobs racoon uuencode c*nt join racoonctl uuid curl kill ranlib uuid-config curl-config killall rcp vdir cut lang2.2 read vibrate cycc lang2ez readarray vifs cyfix last readlink vipw cymanage launch readonly visudo daily launchctl reboot vm_stat date launchd recAudio vsdbutil db_archive ld recode-sr-latin wait db_checkpoint ld64 redo_prebinding wc db_codegen ld_classic renice wget db_deadlock ldid repquota which db_dump let reset while db_hotbackup libtool respring who db_load link restart whoami db_printlog lipo restore whois db_recover ln return write db_stat lnc rld xargs db_upgrade local rlogin xgettext db_verify locale rm xml2-config dd locate rmdir xmlcatalog declare lock rnano xmllint dev_mkdb logger rootme xnmap deviceinfo login route xz df logname routed xzcat diff logout rpcgen xzcmp diff3 ls rsh xzdec dir lsvfs rtadvd xzdiff dircolors lua rtsol xzegrep dirname luac run-parts xzfgrep dirs lzcat runcon xzgrep disown lzcmp safemode xzless dmesg lzdiff sb xzmore do lzegrep sbar yes done lzfgrep sbdidlaunch zcat dpkg lzgrep sbreload zcmp dpkg-deb lzless sbsettingsd zdiff dpkg-name lzma scp zdump dpkg-query lzmadec script zegrep dpkg-split lzmainfo scselect zenmap dpkg-trigger lzmore scutil zfgrep dpkg-unpack mDNSResponder sdiff zforce dselect mDNSResponderHelper securekeyvaultd.N88 zgrep du main.m sed zic dump makemyring seg_addr_table zip dumpfs mapfile seg_hack zipcloak dynamic_pager md segedit zipnote echo md5sum select zipsplit edge mediaserverd seq zless edgrem mesg set zmore edquota mkdir sftp znew egrep mkfifo sgchk zprint elif mkfile sh { else mknod sha1sum } enable mktemp sha224sum brc0703:~ root# 37 Credits : Owner of Theos
  10. So until / if Mobile Terminal gets updated for iOS, a lot of non techy users would think that they are stuck not being able to change their root and mobile passwords for their device. Which IS recommended in the jailbreak community. People are super sketchy, so the more security the better. The commands are exactly the same as if you were doing them in terminal, but instead you're doing them from an outside terminal source. I'm personally a Mac user so I have Terminal built into my OS. Windows users can use whatever terminal program you want. PuTTY is a popular one. Assuming you have your program installed and open, the only other real thing I would suggest to get is off of Cydia called Bonjour fix. Handy package that re-enables the bonjour feature and still works on iOS 9.0.2. This would allow you to ssh in as your device name instead of using the IP address. But whatever you choose is up to you. *ADDED* I must add, that if you restored your device or whatnot, and you use the described methods below, it may be necessary to go into your computers host file and delete the info in there. For example, I use Transmit on OSX, it still had the saved password from last time, and trying to use Bonjour to log into my device, it wouldn't let me. I would imagine windows could react the same way. So if you have any errors with your new passwords, this would be the first step I would take. Now I will walk you though the steps to change these things. Open your program (duh). Type in, ssh root@iPhone.local OR your IP address, ssh root@ (obviously all 0's is not your IP, but you get the point). Then enter your password, which is alpine by default (this is what we're changing). Once you see you device name, type in passwd. It will prompt you for a new one and then to confirm it. Once you do this your root password is changed. Now type in passwd mobile. Again it will prompt you for a new one and to confirm it. Thats it, done. Simple basic terminal stuff. *Note* I have seen people say in the past that it's not really necessary to change the mobile one, but I have always gotten into the habit of doing it whenever I change the root one. Why not right? Thanks for reading. Credits :@Clown @@Naeem
  11. Follow this https://youtu.be/htS5m5UUQ1E Enjoy ... Credits : Me
  12. ​Your probably viewing this because you want to make money right? How about this, this website lets you listen to songs, view fashion, and mobile accessories for money all you have to do is rate them and review them, its a DREAM! Also I would REALLY appreciate if you entered my code: U2F62B63 when you sign up or just follow this link: http://www.slicethepie.com/join/U2F62B63 <- Thank you!!
  13. Alright guys as the title says I will show you how to unjailbreak and completely restore your iDevice without Updating to the lastest iOS so you can save your iOS version this tutorial is only for people jailbroken on iOS 8.1 to iOS 8.4 [hide]all you gotta do is download cydia impactor from Saurik on cydia I found it through an official repo like bigboss[/hide]
  14. 1. The requirements. The requirements for this are the same as with regular theos, so if you're just "upgrading" your theos, move on. sudo apt-get install git perl curl python gcc make openssh rsync dpkgIn this version, the cydia substrate header/library is included, as well as many new templates. 2. Getting Kirb's Theos Kirb's theos works a little differently, instead of making symlinks to theos, it uses the $THEOS environment variable. You must set this to wherever you are installing theos to. In this tut, we're installing it to /opt/theos. export THEOS=/opt/theosYou should also add this your ~/.bashrc 2a. Now for actually installing it, assuming you've installed the required packages and set $THEOS properly, you can run the following command git clone https://github.com/kirb/theos.git$THEOS wget $THEOS/include/ mkdir $THEOS/sdks/ wget $THEOS/sdks/ Now extract the archives, the sdks will take a while. cd $THEOS/include && tar -xzvf headers.tar.gz cd $THEOS/sdks && tar -xzvf sdks.tar.gz You can leave out the v in the -xzvf if you don't want your console spammed 3. Now to test cd ~/ && $THEOS/bin/nic.pl choose whatever for those options, as this is just a test. cd yourproject && make After this is finished, you must get the headers and sdk's. Or if you're too lazy to set it all by yourself, just install the dependencies, set the export, and run this: wget && cd /opt/ && tar -xzvf theos.tar.gz
  15. Requirements: - Windows 7 8 or XP or Vista - Cygwin - 7-ZIP (Recommended) Instructions: 1. Download Cygwin from here: https://cygwin.com/setup-x86.exe< 32bit https://cygwin.com/setup-x86_64.exe64bit 2. Run Cygwin installer and when asked, choose "Install from Internet" then click Next. 3. Click Next another 3 more times and select a download site from the ones provided. Some are slow, some are fast. 4. Search and Install these dependencies: git (under Devel)python (under Python)perl (under Perl)make (under Devel)ca-certificates (under Net)openssh (under Net) 5. Open cygwin and run this command to automatically download theos and the iOS toolchain: 32 Bit Users: git clone -b windows https://github.com/coolstar/theos.git && mkdir -p theos/toolchain/windows git clone -b master https://github.com/coolstar/iOSToolchain4Win.git theos/toolchain/windows/iphone 64 Bit Users: git clone -b windows https://github.com/coolstar/theos.git && mkdir -p theos/toolchain/windows git clone -b x86_64 https://github.com/coolstar/iOSToolchain4Win.git theos/toolchain/windows/iphone 6. Create a new folder in the theos directory named "sdks" Download the iOS SDK From http://iphone.howett.net/sdks/ Extract the SDK to the "sdks" folder you just created. Open cygwin and start your first package!
  16. This tutorial will show you how to change your device's root password. By default, the password is set to alpine. It is recommended to change the default password to prevent any unauthorized access. Let's get started: Open up MobileTerminal and log in as root by typing su alpine Once you have signed in as root, type in passwd Go ahead and type in your new password, then it will ask you to retype it. That's it, you are done. Your iDevice's root password has been successfully changed.
  17. NOT AVAILABLE IN APP STORE [hide]1-) Go to safari 2-) Url : http://ios.hipstore.mobi/app/Video-Download-Pro-iBolt-Downloader-Manager/18404 3-) Press DOWNLOAD NOW 4-) If your device is jailbroken press JAILBROKEN if not press Un-jailbroken 5-) Wait a few seconds 6-) Press install 7-) It will start downloading 8-) ENJOY :) [/hide]
  18. Requirements: Jailbroken iPod Touch running iOS 8, 7, or 6 (Not tested on iOS9) Getting Started: [hide] Open up Cydia and search Battery Percentage for iPod and click on this package: Then go ahead and install it and activate it from your iDevice's settings. [/hide]
  19. Requirements: - Jailbroke Device - iOS Terminal Or Putty - iFile - Clutch - Darwin Cc tools ( Verisons 855 ) - OpenSSH From Cydia Instructions: Mostly members get this error on iOS 9 Killed: 9 , to fix this error follow the instructions : - Open iFIle - Navigate to /usr/bin - Search for lipo , Copy it & Paste it to /var/mobile - Open putty in laptop or iOS terminal and type this command - In Putty root alpine cd /var/mobile ldid -S lipo - In iOS Terminal su alpine cd /var/mobile ldid -S lipo - Open iFile - Navigate to /var/mobile - Set the permission of lipo Owner: root Group: wheel User: Read, Write, Execute Group: Read, Execute World: Read, Execute - Tap on Done after setting the permission - Copy/Cut the lipo file and navigate to /usr/bin and paste the file , tap overwrite all files Cracking The Binary: - Open Cydia , Sources , Edit and add this source - Install Clutch ( version 1.4.7-3 ) - Open iOS Terminal or Putty - In Putty root alpine Clutch When you type Clutch , List of games will appear and type like this Clutch Nameofgame - In iOS Terminal su alpine Clutch When you type Clutch , List of games will appear and type like this Clutch Nameofgame Example - After that new crack will appear in /var/mobile/documents/cracked ( or wherever you set the cracked location) - Now there should be a new .ipa , Tap on it , Remove the .ipa , type .zip and Done . - Tap on the .zip file and wait for unarchiver - New folder will appear in /var/mobile/Documents/Cracked , Open Payload , ipa name , copy the binary and paste it to /var/mobile Thinning the binary - After you put the binary in /var/mobile - Open iOS Terminal or Putty - In putty root alpine cd /var/mobile lipo Originalbinaryname -thin armv7 -o Newbinaryname - In iOS Terminal su alpine cd /var/mobile lipo Originalbinaryname -thin armv7 -o Newbinaryname - Open iFile , Navigate to /var/mobile , A new binary should be there - Copy the new binary , Navigate to iOS 8 & 9: /var/mobile/Containers/Bundle/Application/AppName/AppName.app Now set the Permission to the binary file Owner: mobile Group: mobile User: Read, Write, Execute Group: Read, Write, Execute World: Read, Write, Execute Open App and it won't crash
  20. Compatible iDevices: iPad 2, iPad 3, iPad 4, iPad Air, iPad Air 2. iPad mini, iPad mini 2, iPad mini 3. iPhone 4s, iPhone 5, iPhone 5c, iPhone 5s, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus iPod touch 5th Gen, iPod Touch 6th Gen Disable Pass Code Lock and Touch ID (Turn Off Passcode)Disable Find My iPhone (Turn Off)Plug iDevice into ComputerIf Trust This Computer pops up hit (Trust)Download Jailbreak here http://en.pangu.io/ (Windows ONLY at the moment)Right click on program (Run As Administrator)Follow the OnScreen instructions. Enjoy Your Jailbreak Credits: AppleTechSpot
  21. This is just a quick way to help people to get iOS 9 without doing all that glitching crap! [hide] Step 1: Apple recently released a public beta, go to https://beta.apple.com/sp/betaprogram/ and signup!Step 2: Once you've done that you can go ahead and start to install!Installation Steps Step 4: From your device go to beta.apple.com/profileStep 5: it should install on your phone right away, and you should either get a message to update or check in your update sectionStep 6: Done![/hide]If you guys have questions, comments or hate comment it below! Also if i messed the steps up let me know i ran through it on my phone The beta thing, just sign in and your instantly enrolled! Hope this helps!​
  22. What is iOS 9? :huh: But, how do you install iOS 9? [hide] [/hide] No! That's not how you install it! [hide] Your devices UDiD must be registered, if not iOS 8 or iOS 9 installation will not activate and lock your phone! Instant iOS 8 UDiD Registration from RegMyUDiD® 1. Download latest iTunes and the appropriate iOS beta for your particular iOS device from BETAiO.So2. Launch iTunes and connect your iOS device. Click Sync and make sure that a fresh BACKUP has been made. 3. Hold down the Option/Shift key and click 'Restore'. Navigate to and select the iOS Beta xxxxxxx.ipsw file.4. iTunes will then wipe your device and install the iOS beta Follow the instructions. This will take a few minutes your device will reboot during this process.5. iTunes will then ask you to restore from a backup or set up new device. Please choose one and Click Continue6. Once the restore process is finished your device will then take you through a series of setup screens including your Apple ID . Setting up iCloud is just a matter of flicking on the On switch. You are now done and iOS will start to synchronize your apps, books, contacts, calendars, photos and music to your device over WiFi and in the background. Congratulations, your iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch is running the most sophisticated mobile operating system in the world!If your UDID is not registered iTunes would specifically say "YOUR DEVICE IS NOT PART OF A DEVELOPER PROGRAM" if you receive this message please register your UDiD with RegMyUDiD. Any other errors please refer to Google [/hide] Okay, Where's the download link?I'm glad you asked! You can click directly to the Link to download. Please choose the correct device for your greatest experience. [hide] iOS 9 Beta 2 - 27 Jun 2015 Device / Model Size Direct ExternaliPhone 6 Plus 1.96 GB Direct ExternaliPhone 6 1.96 GB Direct ExternaliPhone 5S (A1453, A1533) 1.96 GB Direct ExternaliPhone 5S (A1457, A1518, A1528, A1530) 1.96 GB Direct ExternaliPhone 5C (A1456, A1532) 1.96 GB Direct ExternaliPhone 5C (A1507, A1516, A1526, A1529) 1.86 GB Direct ExternaliPhone 5 (A1428) 2.1 GB Direct ExternalPhone 5 (A1429) 1.1 GB Direct ExternaliPhone 4S 1.1 GB Direct ExternaliPod Touch 5 1.1 GB Direct External iOS 9 Beta 1 - 08 Jun 2015 Device / Model Size Direct ExternaliPhone 6 Plus 1.96 GB Direct ExternaliPhone 6 1.96 GB Direct ExternaliPhone 5S (A1453, A1533) 1.96 GB Direct ExternaliPhone 5S (A1457, A1518, A1528, A1530) 1.96 GB Direct ExternaliPhone 5C (A1456, A1532) 1.96 GB Direct ExternaliPhone 5C (A1507, A1516, A1526, A1529) 1.86 GB Direct ExternaliPhone 5 (A1428) 2.1 GB Direct ExternaliPhone 5 (A1429) 1.1 GB Direct ExternaliPhone 4S 1.1 GB Direct ExternaliPod Touch 5 1.1 GB Direct External[/hide]
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