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Found 1 result

  1. Hey guys now that I have learned flex and mshooking I am going to share some methods and targets used for hacking which will help in making flex patches and tweaks [hide] 1)First start with jailbreak Search for jailbreak and Disable all the jailbreak checks If the value is bool turn it to false And if it is Id then change it to Null 2. search for appiscracked or tampered Some bool will appear and turn them to false 3. Human Readeable - search for it And turn all of them to true 4. How to get rid of tracking Search for IsOptout and uuidenabled Some bool will come and turn them to false 5. How to enable cheat engine scan search for human Readeable and turn it to true 6. Now let's learn how to get premium on apps like premium subscription in apps search for premium and u will get different results like setpremium,iselite,haselite,premium,ispremiumpurchased,these will be mainly in bool values turn all of them to true Then search for isvalid a bool will come turn it to true and then search for isexpired then turn it to false Some apps Vpn detections also to disable that search for blackout and some bool or I'd will come turn to false and null. So u have turn on premium 8. Now how to hack coins gems and xp Simply search for coins and there will be different result like coinsamount,setCoins,get coins change them int 99999 10. Now how to unlock things before its level finished Simply search for unlocked and turn all the bools things to true and search for locked and turn bools to false 11.Now how to make free store hack Search for purchased and turn it to true or search for transactionstate and turn it to int 1 12How to remove tutorial Search for tutorial and some result will come like istutorialdone turn them to true 14.How to make god-mode Search for dead,killed or damage Change dead and Kill to false And player damage to 0 Or search for health and make it to 99999 15.How to make skill Cooldown hacks simply search for enemycooldown or Powerupcooldown and turn them to whatever amount u want 16.How to make cost 0 Search for cost it will show result like Itemcost revivecost change them to 0 int 17.How to make gravity hacks Simply search for Gravity if it's float change the float to ur wish and if it's a bool then turn it to false 18.How to make autowin hacks Search for win and turn the bool to true or search for opponentturn and turn it to false or search for opponent quiet and turn it to true This will help u in hacking many games and it won't support all the applications Now I am learning Ida I have almost learned it but when I finish learning it I will post a tutorial on it too Hope it was use full for u enjoy and don't forget to rep me [/hide]
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