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How to make custom Animate Boot logo [.GIF]

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Boot logo For iOS Start Up 


  1. Add Repo: 
  2. Download "Animate" from repo givin above
  3. Download "Apple File Conduit 2" from Cydia
  4. Download iFunBox on your Computer or any root access program
  5. Download BootGIF on your Computer
  6. make or look for a .Gif save to desktop


  1. Open BootGIF
  2. select your Device type
  3. click Select .GIF and choose the .GIF you saved on desktop
  4. Optional Click on Fade Options > check Enable Fade 10 Frames should be good
  5. Select Output > Desktop
  6. Image Options Your Personal Preference
  7.  Loop .GIF if you want
  8. Make BootLogo
  9. when Status is done hit Close
  10. a new folder will appear to where you selected your save 
  11. Optional rename the Folder
  12. now go on your Raw File System Manager Device > Library > BootLogos > drop folder on desktop into BootLogos folder


  1. Settings
  2. BootLogos
  3. Select Your logo/then name of the folder that you dragged in BootLogos Folder
  4. Power off / ReBoot

Hope This Was Helpful 

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