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[Mod Menu] Modern Strike Online v1.24.2 One Shot Kill +9 [ iOS 11 SUPPORT ]

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Hacked AppModern Strike Online: FPS v1.24.2

Link For The Gamehttps://itunes.apple...41484?l=en&mt=8


Jailbroken Device

Filza File Manager or iFile

Cydia Substrate





- Radar Hack

- Unlimited Ammo

What's new:
- Premium

- One Shot Kill ( u can kill enemy's by one shot )

- No Bullets Decrease ( Unlimited Ammo )

- Better Aim ( ur Crosshair doesn't spread )

- Anti Flash ( anti Flash and Smoke ) 

- BadMode ( u can use it in the match idk why i made it lol )

- Unlimited Grenades allow to use more than 2 grenades in the match but your Grenades will decrease )




Hidden Content
You'll be able to see the hidden content once you reply to this topic.


Installation Instructions:
Download the .deb file and transfer it (iFunBox, WinSCP.) to your iDevice. Navigate to the path where you placed it usingiFile or Filza, tap on it and press installer. Open up Modern Strike, tap on the circle, its gonna be somewhere on your screen, and that will open the mod menu


CREDITS: 【қłΔѕн۩қѕΔ】

THANKS@NitroxicDemon @Ezi For TUT 














Warning ]

Anyone reposting this hack on other Forums / Sites will get permanent ban. )

Hackright. 2018 iOSMods.com All hacks reserved.

Edited by Klashksa

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