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tweak ©️H5GG - an iOS Tweak Engine for JavaScript APIs & Html5 UI.©️©️©️©️

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an iOS Tweak Engine for JavaScript APIs & Html5 UI.

provide memory APIs likely Android-GG's Lua APIs.

support load scripts(*.js or *.html file) from loacl or web dynamically.

support load dylib plugin for javascript api (demo).

support auto search pointer chains of a value/data

and you can customize UI by using HTML+CSS without computer.

and you can make your own tweak(dylib) by click one button, then just select your icon and .html file, so easy!

H5GG supported 4 modes to run:

  1. inject H5GG.dylib to ipa for non-jailbreak devices

  2. tweak(deb) auto load into all app for jailbroken devices

  3. standalone APP for jailbroken devices(support iPad's SlideOver+SplitView)

  4. Float On Screen for jailbroken devices(not support iPad's SlideOver+SplitView), this has tested on ios11+

h5gg-official-plugin h5frida:

1: support invoke any C/C++/Objective-C function (without jailbroken)

2: support hook any module's Objective-C method (without jailbroken)

3: support hook any module's C/C++ exprot function (without jailbroken)

4: support hook any module's C/C++ internal function/instruction (jailbroken only)

5: support inline-hook app-module's C/C++ function/instruction (without jailbroken)

6: support code-patch (patch-offset) with bytes dynamically (without jailbroken)






Design Html Menu UI in EasyHtml on iPhone/iPad


install EasyHtml from AppStore!

Debug the js/html of H5GG running on ios through macOS safari:


it's all completely free & open source! Welcome to join development and submit bugs!

H5GG JavaScript Engine Document

download deb: https://github.com/H5GG/H5GG

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