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How to start an iOS game mods journey

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Good morning everyone.

i would like to start game hacking journey .

1-Where do i start?

2-Is it the same on other platforms(Android/Windows...etc)?

3-whats an iDA is?

4-Whats an offsets means?

i’m really confused as i know I little bit about jailbreaking but my knowledge about hacking/cracking is fairly zero 

** am asking for how to make mods not how to install debs/other stuff**

anyone would like to help it will be appreciated ;)

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Start by looking up tutorials and learning the architecture.


Pretty much the same but the hooking varies a bit.


IDA is the Interactive Dissasembler. It's a tool to decompile a binary into opcodes or pseudocode.


Offsets are values that define the position of a byte. Let's say you have an offset 0xAAA and you need to patch it, then the value in the file at index 0xAAA (starting from the end of the header), will be patched.


Also, don't buy anything. You can learn all this for free online.

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