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diy Snapchat Multi-Tweak +11 [No Ban]

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Hacked App: Snapchat
iTunes Link: https://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/snapchat/id447188370?mt=8
Bundle ID:  com.toyopagroup.picaboo


Tweak Requirements:




Tweak Features:

  1. Spoof “Total” Story View Count
  2. Spoof “Other” Story View Count
  3. Spoof “Friend” Story View Count
  4. Spoof “Total” Screenshot Count
  5. Spoof “Other” Screenshot Count
  6. Spoof “Friend” Screenshot Count
  7. No Screenshot Detection
  8. No Screen Record Detection
  9. No Adverts (Story Ads,Lenses Ads, Discover Ads, User Stories Ads)
  10. Snapchat Insights
  11. invisible in chat (bitmoji doesn’t appear)


No Screenshot Detection and No Screen record detection does not for story’s. Only private message and group chat and snaps.


= This Patch Will Block =

1- Story Ads

2- Lenses Ads (unstable)

3- Discover Ads

4- User Stories Ads

How To Install:

Hidden Content
You'll be able to see the hidden content once you reply to this topic.


= Note =

If you still see sponsored ads, try clear SC caches and it will disappear forever


-SC versions supported: to

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