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tool iOS Modmenu Template for Theos!

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 r16Menu Template for Theos!

Sample Menu UI look.


 Get from GitHub here

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      * Customizable UI
      * Customizable menu logo
      * 7 different switchs:
      * Patcher
      * Patch
      * Regular switch
      * Textfield Switch wide or right
      * Slider Switch
      * Index switch
      * Hook Swith

     * Patcher and Patch switch is based on KittyMemory
       * Original bytes are required
       * Supports MSHookMemory
       * Write unlimited bytes to a offset


  • I did not include encryption you will have to make your own to encrypt nsstrings.


  • Download the modmenu template paste in /var/theos/templates/ios/theos

Open r16Logo.h and paste your own menu image <https://www.base64-encode.org/>

menu.r16Logo = @"YOUR BASE 64 Here"; //for both menu and button will implement button and logo searperatly later


Using a custom framework:

You can set this in the function startAuthentication() inside Tweak.xm but this is not requierd. Dont worry about it skip_

menu.frameworkNamed = @"UnityFramework";


Patching variables:

//call these inside ur own custom functions
*(int*)[UIKeyPatch address:@"0x78" ptr:ptr] = 999;
*(bool*)[UIKeyPatch address:@"0x32" ptr:ptr] = true;
*(float*)[UIKeyPatch address:@"0x56" ptr:ptr] = 999.0f;

Hooking methods:

//toggle on or off
[r16Hook toggleHook:true 
    with:(void *)PlayerMoveC_Update 
    original:(void **)&orig_PlayerMoveC_Update];
//without toggle
[r16Hook hook:@"0x10276FB26"
    with:(void *)Player_Update 
    original:(void **)&_Player_Update];
HOOK(@"0x102517FB251", Player_Update, orig_Player_Update);
HOOK_NO_ORIG(@"0x102517FB251", Player_Update);

Patching a plain offset:

[UIKeyPatch offset:@"0x104361010" byte:@"0xC0035FD6"];
[UIKeyPatch offset:@"0x104361010" byte:@"0x000080D2C0035FD6"];

// You can write as many bytes as you want to an offset i think
[UIKeyPatch offset:@"0x104361010" byte:@"0x00F0271E0008201E000080D2C0035FD6"];

Patcher switch:

[menu addPatcher:@"Custom Patch #1"]; //custom offsetpatcher switch live

Patch Switch:

[menu addPatch:@"Godmode"
[menu addPatch:@"Godmode"
  	offsets:@[@"0x101C350C8", @"0x101C35052"]
        hexPatches:@[@"0xC0035FD6", @"0xC0035FD6"]];


Plain Switch:

[menu addSwitch:@"Mana" 
    description:@"Infinite mana"];

Textfield Switch Right:

[menu addTextfieldRight:@"Set Weapon:" 

Textfield Switch Wide:

[menu addTextfieldWide:@"Chat Spam:" 

Slider Switch: 

[menu addSlider:@"Custom Fov"

Index Switch:

[menu addIndexSwitch:@"Pick Damage" 
    items:@[@"10", @"20", @"40", @"80", @"120", @"140"]];

Hook Switch: 

//adding one hook
[menu addHookNamed:@"Aimbot"
    hook:@[[r16Hook hook:@"0x10276FB26"
    with:(void *)Player_Update 
    original:(void **)&_Player_Update]]];
//adding infinte :)
[menu addHookNamed:@"Aimbot"
        [r16Hook hook:@"0x10276FB26"
            with:(void *)Player_Update 
            original:(void **)&_Player_Update], 
        [r16Hook hook:@"0x10276FB26"
            with:(void *)Player_Update 
            original:(void **)&_Player_Update], 
        [r16Hook hook:@"0x10276FB26"
            with:(void *)Player_Update 
            original:(void **)&_Player_Update]]

Checking if a switch is on:

bool manaOn = [menu getSwitchOnForSwitch:@"Mana"];
if(manaOn) {
//checking directly:
if([menu getSwitchOnForSwitch:@"Mana"]) {

//using index string-arrays start at 0
if([menu getIndexForString:@"Pick Damage"] == 1/*20*/){
//do stuff
if([menu getIndexForString:@"Pick Damage"] == 0/*10*/){
//do stuff

Getting value from textfield and slider:

int userValue = [menu getInt:@"Switch Name"];
NSString *userValue3 = [menu getNSString:@"Switch Name"];

float userValue1 = [menu getFloat:@"Switch Name"];


   * @Red16
   * @TheArmKing
       * For helping meh and ideas ;-;

If you find a bug in this beta version hit me up
Don't spam me please.

Edited by Red16

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